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Ah! Here comes the most common horror story of lip fillers that you DO NOT have to feature in. But usually do. The infamous ‘Lip Filler Migration’. Many factors can be held responsible for this unnatural look, but an inexperienced injector takes the cake! Read on to learn the known and unknown of filler migration and an expert’s insightful tips and remedies.

Obsession Of Looking Good Leads To Trendy Lip Fillerslip-fillers

Whether it is the all-time hit reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ or a storm of social media influencers, lip fillers have come a long way!

Nevertheless, this obsession of lip enhancements has an interesting background. Human psyche.

Mind scientists firmly believe that humans cannot help to gravitate towards visual beauty and appealing physical features.

In addition to big eyes in females or a strong jawline in males, fuller looking pout is reported to get much attention by men.

Living In The Era Of Lip Fillers

The ultimate need to look desirable to the opposite sex as well as to get ‘social validation’ has led to the evolution of artificial lip enhancement. One of them being gel based lip fillers containing Hyaluronic acid, found naturally in your bodies. 

You do not have to take our word for it.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 2.6 million filler procedures were carried out in 2020.

This literally means one Lip Job about every 20 minutes! The social media generation is all up for it and thanks to the safety profile and success rate of the procedure, we can’t blame them. Can we?

Natural Lip Fillers Delivering Pout Perfection!

Take a look at some of our happy clients embracing their natural lip enhancement without even going near a knife. Here are a few remarkable glimpses of lip fillers before and after from CosmeDocs.

The Good, The Bad…The Risky!

We do not want to be the bearer of the bad news but here is a tiny bump in the road. Lip fillers can also go wrong easily. But that goes with any other injectable treatment especially if done by an inexperienced injector.

The one of the most common risks being the lip filler ‘moving’ or ‘spreading’ to unwanted areas at the time of injection. How to spot it?

The lips after a ‘lip filler migration’ look like a hard sausage from the front, while a ‘duck-like pout’ from the sides.

Here is what you need to know!

What Is Lip Filler Migration?

To simplify the term, a Lip Filler Migration is a state when the lip filler migrates or spreads into unwanted areas beyond the ‘vermillion border’ of your lips.


If you are not sure as to how to know if your dermal lip filler has spread or not, visualise a ‘lumpy upper or lower lip’, or an upper or lower lip with no more defined border between the skin lip edge. Yikes!


Now that is A LOT of pout!

So, a migrated lip filler is a classic sign of lip fillers gone wrong. Many people may not even realise that they are dealing with too much lip filler migration, unless pointed out! 

Can you relate to such a situation too?

Highlights Of A Migrated Lip Filler

A bad lip job can be noticed upon the very first glance even for a non-expert like your husband or boyfriend! No but seriously, if something does not seem right, it probably is not.

Some of the classic signs of lip filler migration are:

  • Unnatural Lip Puffiness

A visibly swollen upper or even lower lip, giving a duck-lip look from the sides and a ‘shelf-like’ look from the front. This puffiness becomes more obvious in the upper lip area near the vermillion border. This slight swelling may cast a shadow, resembling a subtle moustache!

  • Unnaturally Hardened Lips

Contrary to a natural lip filler effect, a migrated lip filler may result in rubbery, fake looking lips.

Such a pout is almost devoid of those natural lip lines and softness thanks to over injecting by the practitioner.

  • Borderless Pout!Lip-filler-migration-effects

You can safely call a lip filler gone wrong moment when the lips, upper or lower lip lacks defined, crispy borders. 

A poor injection technique, too much lip filler or injected too frequently may be a very possible cause. 

The practitioner may only focus on adding more volume without giving due importance to your lip’s shape. 

Enough with breaking a sweat! Time for some valuable tips to avoid a bad lip filler experience, the next time you sign up for a lip enhancement.

6 Scandalous Lip Filler Migration Causes

Many many factors are responsible for those dermal fillers to move away from the originally treated areas. Nevertheless, the primary cause has to be poor injection technique or a bad injector.

Experts at CosmeDocs are sharing with you 6 of the most common reasons behind the dreaded lip filler migration:

  • Poor Injection Technique 

Rather than a true lip filler migration, you may be surprised to know that it is in fact the way a lip job is done that matters. Generally, hyaluronic acid based lip fillers do not spread to undesirable areas so easily. They may diffuse a little but do not migrate freely.

  • Too Much To Be True! (Over Injecting)

That is right. Thanks to the advent of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, the concept of ‘stick to nature’ has somewhat faded.

Beauty influencers are the only source of inspiration to their cult followers who mostly prefer to have BIG pouty lips and Sky High cheekbones.

Where does this lead to? Demand for more mls with no regard to ‘natural tweakment’. Hence, you see lip filler migration occurrences on the rise.

  • Closely Spaced Lip Filler Sessions

Many experts say that it is better to get a filler top up just in time rather than letting it all break down. Okay! But it is surely not advisable to book closely spaced lip filler procedures…a little too close.

Such an approach will only make you and your lips look unnatural and of course, unattractive!

  • Wrong Choice Of Filler

A migrated lip filler may also result from a faulty decision of your injector when it comes to choosing dermal filler for lips.

 An aesthetic practitioner is always armed with a variety of products of different viscosities and thickness.

For areas such as lips and eyes, a thicker dermal filler can lead to an unnatural and lumpy look. Therefore, this wrong choice of product can lead to a unwanted botched lip job 

  • Unreal Expectations Lead To Lip Filler Migration

If you think you can pull out an Instagram photo of your favourite celebrity to show to your injector on your lip filler session, you are in trouble. Aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers can only enhance and improve what you already have!

However, many patients demand for an ‘all out overnight fuller out’ that may ultimately result in a lip job disaster instead. Lip filler migration is just one out of the many issues you may face if you do not go ‘overboard’.

  • Inexperienced Injector At Your Service

When you trust an aesthetic practitioner with little to no prior experience in aesthetic treatments, you are always at risk. Lip fillers can go wrong very easily but only at the hands of someone who lacks refined techniques and skills or an acute aesthetic judgement.

In fact, it all comes down to your aesthetic doctor who will not only use the correct technique and product for your lips but will also set your expectations right!

Undo The Unwanted Sausage Look!

If you are one of those dreamers who had wished to look their best after a spot on lip job but had a migrated lip filler instead, you are in luck! A botched lip job is totally reversible. 

We are sorry if you have to go through something you would never expect to happen. However, there is hope. At our aesthetic clinic, we have reversed and corrected scores of bad lip jobs.

Take a look at one of our gorgeous clients who was able to fix her lip filler migration seamlessly!lip-filler-migration-before-and-after

Experts at CosmeDocs have used Hyaluronidase for lip filler migration correction. After allowing a period of 2 weeks, a fresh session of lip fillers was carried out by one of our experts!

A Lip Job Done Right At CosmeDocs

Facial Aesthetic artists at work! Tweaking not transforming into something new. By avoiding the lip borders and using a droplet technique to stay true to nature.

At CosmeDocs, Only Your Lips Do The Talking — Not Fillers!

The whole point of aesthetic injectable treatments is to enhance and improve what you already have. Hence, a lip filler migration is a totally unnecessary inconvenience, right?

Experts at CosmeDocs Aesthetic clinic welcome you with open arms to give you the most natural looking lip filler possible. Also, if you are among those ill-fated patients with an unpleasant lip tweakment experience, we can offer you help.

Avoid A Lip Disaster With Experts

Our well trained and experienced team of aesthetic practitioners believe in the ‘less is more’ approach.

By coupling modern injection skills with a conservative hand and an aesthetic eye, you are guaranteed to enjoy desirable results.

Now you can avoid lip filler migration and other lip filler gone wrong moments using our experts’ tips and tricks with success!

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