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Botched lips and bee-stung pout? No thanks! For many of us, a lip fillers gone wrong probably means an end to our dream of luscious lips. A lip job disaster is an experience that no one would expect to have.

You can blame a cheap filler, bad practitioner, or your bad luck! On the other hand, the good news is, a bad lip job is completely avoidable. Read on to find out how you can look gorgeous without ending up with sausage lips! (Yikes!)

lip filler gone wrong

What Is the Obsession Behind Lip Fillers?

The Psychology of Attraction

It is true! The human mind is attracted to beauty and always desires to look attractive. Since the beginning of human history, attractive people are treated better; they are also judged more favourably and reap more benefits.

Moreover, they have bright chances of progress in their careers and are also popular in their social circle. Need I say more?

Women all over the world, belonging to different cultures and races, know that beautiful eyes and luscious lips define their beauty. They seek to enhance their lips by smiling, putting on red lipstick (red colour is known to make you look younger and attractive)

Today they are getting lip fillers because lip injections can amplify your small, thin lips, make them more appealing, as well as make your smile more dazzling! According to a study, females with fuller and bigger lips appear younger than their biological age.

Lips gone wrong? Voluptuous and kissable lips have always been a dream of a woman at all times. However, whenever a lip filler gone wrong incident occurs, that dream no longer exists.

The Social Media Made Me Do It!

Thanks to celebrity culture, famous YouTube stars, top Instagram influencers and the Selfie Syndrome, the ‘Era of Lip Fillers’ has finally ushered. This trend of lip injections can be verified by Google Trends, proving the popularity of lip jobs among teenagers, adults and mature individuals.

As if that was not enough, face filters are also pushing more people to opt for more ‘facial tweakments’. Lip Fillers are one of the most wanted non-invasive procedures right now!

Nonetheless, ‘ Lip fillers gone wrong’ is on the rise because there is too much social pressure, too much social media influence and too much lip filler around you.

Indeed, this trend can harm you and change you beyond recognition! While seeking physical attraction and beauty is not wrong, going overboard with this desire can surely make you regret it.

lip filler correction

8 Most Shocking Lip Filler Complications

1. Allergic Reactions To Lip Fillers

Usually, the anaesthetic included in the lip injections can potentially leave you to experience severe allergic reactions. The tell-tale signs can range from mild to severe:

  • Extreme swelling of lips and face
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Prolonged redness
  • Itchiness

It is best to seek medical attention at the earliest, especially of your injector, in such circumstances. These allergic reactions are commonly addressed using:

  • Hyalase (a substance to dissolve fillers)
  • Antihistamines

Therefore, if a rare event of an allergic reaction occurs, only a qualified and medically trained practitioner can rescue you. This underscores the fact that an expert should carry out the job for you!

2. Lip Fillers Can Cause Infections

Yes, you read it right! You can contract an infection if there is poor hygiene, equipment or untidy clinical environment. Some of the symptoms of lip filler infection to watch out for are:

  • Skin Shedding
  • Inflammation
  • Itching and redness
  • Prolonged discomfort and pain

The only way to treat your lip injection infections is to seek medical help before the situation worsens.

3. Lip Filler Migration Is Lip Fillers Gone Wrong

Your lip filler may travel to other unwanted areas when too much filler is injected into the lips. This is rare. This mostly happens if the practitioner has injected the filler in a wrong place.

Moreover, overfilling of lips can cause discomfort; consequently, bruising and discoloration may occur. What’s more? Your new results can become a source of embarrassment for you.

Following are the reasons behind a bad lip job:

  • If you do not follow the crucial set of aftercare instructions, lip filler migration is bound to happen
  • Lip filler migration is an unwarranted event, and a common indication of lip fillers gone wrong. An inexperienced and untrained injector can be one of the factors as well.

So, it is in your best interest to always ensure that a suitable amount of filler is injected by a medically trained professional. Moreover, you also need to strictly adhere to the post-procedure instructions.

4. Lumps and Bumps—A Common Sign Of Bad Lip Job:

Although, the occurrence of lumps after a lip filler is an uncommon event. However, a firm massage by your doctor can help you to achieve smooth and lump free lips.

The two most common types of lumps after lip job are:

  • Soft lumps are formed when the filler is not evenly spread and distributed.
  • Hard lumps signal your body’s allergic reaction to the lip filler. A prescription of steroids can effectively fix the allergic reaction. If the lumps don’t go away, they can be permanently dissolved. Simple!

Common Reasons Behind Those Ugly Lumps

  • Overfilling
  • Roughly injecting the filler
  • Injecting the filler too close to the upper surface of lips
  • Poor product selection ( a filler that is too thick can give an uneven, stiff and lumpy finish)

lumpy lips5. Necrosis (Tissue Death)

Necrosis means ’tissue death’, and it is the most serious side effect of lip fillers. This severe complication can occur right after the lip injection or may arise after a day or two after the procedure.

When the blood supplying vessel is blocked and the soft tissues of your lips does not receive sufficient oxygen, then necrosis becomes inevitable. Lack of anatomy knowledge leads to this type of complication.

Some of the tell-tale signs of necrosis are:

  • Purple discoloration
  • Severe pain and discomfort
  • Pale or white skin

Your practitioner needs to address this serious complication immediately, otherwise, it can lead to permanent damage and impairment. Remember only an experienced doctor can help you to avoid a ‘lip fillers gone wrong’ situation and even fix one.

lip fillers side effects

[A Classic case of Necrosis]

6. Bruising after Lip Injections:

While it is usually common to experience slight bruising and discolouration, however, you don’t necessarily have to look like you have just come out of a boxing ring! Make sense?

Bruises occur when your blood vessels are punctures by lip injection needles to inject the fillers into your lips. Severe bruising can be a result of the following:

  • Incorrect positioning of the client
  • Incorrect injecting technique
  • Improper selection of client
  • Using the wrong type of needle

A rare complication is the formation of a haematoma (a bruise that occurs due to a severe injury to your skin or tissues present underneath your skin. It occurs in the form of blood clots causing swelling and pain.)

bad lip job[Unsightly Bruised Lips]

7. Lip Filler Cysts

Another unwanted side effect of lip injections can be those unsightly lip filler cysts.

It is caused by ‘poorly administered lip filler’, and it is usually poked to let the filler out.

Seek medical attention as early as possible to prevent any further complications

8. Lip Filler Nodules

Lip filler nodules can occur due to improper usage of the injection’s needle or superficial injection of the fillers into your lips. Hence, if these tiny bubbles appear on your lip surface, it is important to inform your doctor.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a substance that is naturally found in our body. It holds 1,000 times its weight in water, which gives volume and fullness to our facial features.

Above all, hyaluronic acid fillers injected into our lips, cheeks, tear troughs, and nose to give a ‘plump effect’, structure and definition.

9 Most Common Reasons Behind That Trout Pout (that you must remember!)

1. Russian Lip Fillers

Not everyone can become a ‘Russian Doll’, right? Yet, it stands as one of the most popular lip filler techniques among many of you. Why? It subtly shapes your lips like a ‘heart’ with more volume concentrated in the middle of your lips. This technique aims to create a ‘lift’ in the lips more than giving a plump effect.

There are, however, mainly two major issues with this technique:

  • This technique demands a great deal of experience, knowledge of the lip’s anatomy, skill and an aesthetic eye. Not every injector may be able to perform it. You are at great risk of getting an uneven, asymmetrical, lumpy pout. Chances are, you may not end up looking like a Russian Doll after all!
  • Another major concern is that this technique may not suit everyone. You may have a round, square, oval, heart-shaped, rectangular face shape. You may have different facial features as well, which makes this lip job not suitable for all. Therefore, A Russian Lip Filler technique may ruin your facial profile, and you may even call it ‘a lip filler gone wrong’.

Subtle Lip Fillers Before And After Transformation


russian lip filler

2. You Expect Too High

Setting a high-bar of unachievable expectations can actually lead to a ‘lip fillers gone wrong’ scenario. Thanks to the age of Instagram, you only want lips that look good on your favourite beauty influencers. You demand a perfect pout with no flaws after seeing filtered and edited Instagram and Snapchat photos.

What happens next? You probably end up with the infamous ‘Duck Lips’. For this reason, it is a better to set realistic goals for your face, otherwise you join the club of ‘lip fillers gone wrong’.

So, talk to a good doctor who can guide you about the procedure and who can help you set real and sensible expectations from the procedure.

3. Can You Give Me Kylie’s Lips?

While obsessing your favourite celebrity is not entirely wrong, however, when you want their exact looks for yourself, it is when you can hurt yourself. You can even have Kylie’s lips, but chances are, they will not suit your personality.

Now, an experienced doctor will not only help enhance your appearance but also ensure that you do not have to live ‘lip fillers gone wrong nightmare’.

Kylie's Lips

4. You Don’t Go Easy On the Amount of Filler.

Your lips’ size and shape play an important role in determining the amount of fillers to be injected. A good practitioner will know that and will probably start from the smallest amount of filler. Nevertheless, too much filler can give undesirable volume, and you may end up with a botched lip job.

So it is a good idea to start from the smallest amount and gradually build your desired volume.

5. Unqualified and Inexperienced Doctor

This is one of the most common and horrifying reasons behind a lip filler gone wrong experience. It is essential to do your homework and check reviews and before and after the practitioner’s photos before your procedure.

An inexperienced injector can harm your lips in more ways than you would have imagined. How?

  • He can dive right into the procedure without listening to you
  • Your practitioner might not study your face and features before injecting you
  • He may not guide appropriately regarding the procedure, especially its outcomes and risks
  • An untrained injector may not be able to effectively deal with the complications
  • He may go overboard with the fillers, leaving you with a trout pout. (Yikes!)

Only a skilled and experienced professional who knows your lips anatomy can prevent an unwanted lip fellers gone wrong scenario.

Cosmexperts suggest you to seek services of a Board certified plastic surgeon, who can better analyze your face and who can guarantee you satisfactory results.

6. When you compromise on quality

You have to live with your face for the rest of your life! Right? Then why do you consider cheaper options for your lovely face? Compromising on your fillers’ quality or of your injector can end you up with an inevitable lip filler tragedy.

Cheap lip fillers can cause mild to severe complications, and the treatments may require you to spend more money. Similarly, a cheap injector with no experience may land you in trouble. In either case, you may lose more bucks than you had planned earlier, so better make a wise decision at all costs.

7. Your Lips Go With Your Face Not Alone

Lip job disasters occur when you only want big, voluptuous lips without considering your entire facial structure and features. Overfilled lips on small eyes can destroy your entire facial profile, or a trout pout can take away attention from your gorgeous eyes. That is bad news! 

Therefore, your new lips should be in harmony with the rest of your features. Remember, your goal should be to beautify your face and just not your lips.

8. You Are Not Addicted To Fillers, Are You?

A botched lip filler procedure is not always the fault of a bad practitioner or a low-quality filler. The main culprit could be you too! Did you know that every year thousands of people ruin their facial symmetry and profile permanently due to their uncontrolled addiction to fillers?

An obsession with big and fuller lips can leave you with tons of regrets later in life. Sometimes, the damages are irreversible. It is your addiction to lip fillers that poses greater threats to your life.

Cosmetic injections are only meant to enhance your natural beauty. Therefore, lip fillers, if administered appropriately, can reveal the stunning person you are! So don’t let your addiction take the best of you away from you.

9. You Do Not Do Aftercare

This is another major reason behind your lip filler gone wrong experience. So everything goes right, and you love your new lips, but you eat too much junk food right after. The swelling gets worse, and you don’t realize your mistake.

You do not sleep with your head elevated on pillows after the procedure and run a major risk of filler migration. Aftercare is a must if you do not want any post-procedure complications.

Appalling Lip Filler Gone Wrong Photos


lip fillers before and after

[How disproportionate lips are fixed using Hylase]

 Are The Lip Injections Safe?

Absolutely! They are not meant to ruin your profile and harm you in any way, in fact, they are used to give you that perfect pout which you can love and flaunt.

Hyaluronic Acid, which makes up most of the dermal fillers, is completely safe to use. It is relatively effective for enhancing your lips and you can also avoid a bad lip job if all the necessary precautions are taken.

Lip Filler Swelling is a Roller Coaster Ride

1 Day: The swelling is minimal, and there is redness with a little bruising

2 Day:  Swelling is increased, with slight redness and bruising visible (No need to panic! Your body is simply acknowledging the fillers)

3 Day:  Swelling, redness, and any discomfort should have gone by this day, and your actual results start to show through. (Hello beautiful!)

4 Day: By this day, most of the swelling should be gone, and full effects of the procedure should be visible by now.

5 Day: Any bruises or swelling can be concealed using light makeup (and you can flaunt your favourite lipstick on Instagram too!)

lip filler journey

Don’t Like It? Reverse It!

Good news! The best feature of lip injections is that it is not permanent unlike a plastic surgery! Now it is possible to dissolve bad lip job outcomes, and you do not have to live the nightmare for a long time.

Yes, it is that simple. Hyaluronidase is a substance that can effectively dissolve the fillers and correct any negative aesthetic outcome. The results of a bad lip job are quickly reversed, and there is a visible reduction in the volume.

Nevertheless, it needs to be done by a medically trained professional. So you don’t have to live with your nightmare for a long time.  There are some side effects of hyalase.

Fix Your Bad Lip Job-You Don’t Have to Live With It

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Your Very Own Checklist To Avoid Lip Fillers Gone Wrong Moment

Before your Lip Job



  • Do you researach, dive into the details of the procudure and its outcomes
  • Check out lip fillers before and after photos to get a better idea
  • Set clear and realistic expectations
  • Choose a medically qualified, experienced and trained doctor who knows his craft
  • Set a budget
  • Talk to your practitioner and discuss your goals, concerns, and possible outcomes.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid any caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee.
  • Prefer a slow and gradual buildup of volume in your lips to avoid those ‘Duck Lips’ and Plastic Look.
  • You can also consume Arnica tablets before the procedure. This helps to reduce excessive bruising
  • Avoid cheap and natural lip fillers at all costs because they can cause you more harm than good. Ask your practitioner to use only MHRA or FDA approved dermal fillers for your procedure


  • Do not schedule your lip job procedure immediately before a big even, such as a wedding
  • Avoid supplements such as Fish oil, Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, Garlic, Primrose oil, Ginseng atleast 1 week before your lip job.
  • Stop taking blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory medications, available over the counter, such as ibuprofen, aspririn, Motrin etc.
  • Avoid any facials, waxing, threading or depilatory creams around your lips
  • Do not drink alcohol before your lip filler procedure.
  • Avoid using any ‘anti-aging’ products containing retinol, glycolic acid especially around your lips


After your Lip Job



  • Apply an ice-pack for 5 to 8 minutes periodically and apply topical Arnica gel to lessen bruising
  • Eat soft and easy to chew foods. Prefer consuming hydrating fruits and vegetables.
  • Use a gentle cleanser without any harsh chemicals and exfoliants.
  • You can use gentle sunscreens to protect lips from sunburn
  • Sleep with your head elevated on pillows higher than usual and avoid sleeping to your sides as much as possible to prevent lip filler migration.
  • You may apply light makeup 2 to 3 days after your lip job procedure


  • Avoid foods high in sodium as it can aggravate the swelling
  • Steer clear of oily and spicy foods
  • Try to avoid drinking through a straw to prevent any physical pressure on your lips
  • Avoid kissing for up to 48 hours after the procedure especially if it is your first ever lip injection
  • Avoid massaging your lips or picking your skin around the injection site and do not touch them frequently
  • Do not use any lip mask or any exfoliating agent and harsh cleansers for up to 24 hours
  • Avoid hot saunas, hot tubs, swimming and extreme workouts immediately after your lip job
  • Do not consume alcohol after the procedure for up to 24 hours
  • Avoid smoking as it can increase the risk of an infection.

Your Face Is Your Business!

There is nothing wrong with seeking beauty, confidence, and self-esteem through lip fillers, as long as you take this step after putting a great deal of thought into it, in addition to correct techniques, and the right doctor.

Indeed, ‘Lip fillers gone wrong’ is a scenario, which you do not deserve to witness because it is undesirable, unwarranted and totally unnecessary! Agreed?

This non-surgical procedure is meant to beautify your lips; hence, it needs to be done with an artistic touch and a trained professional.

Beautiful, kissable, luscious lips are possibleRemember, you are in charge of your life, and it is your natural right to choose what is best for you. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the right course for yourself.

Fulfil Your Dream of a Beautiful Pout You Deserve

dermal filler treatmentWhich Is the Right Place for me?

Even though lip fillers are one of the most sought after procedures and quite common nowadays, it is not advisable to seek the cheapest places to get it done from. There are multiple risks and side effects of such decisions. COSMEDOCS is a place that will cater to your aesthetic goals and help you achieve that pout to die for!

The aesthetics experts at COSMEDOCS know your lips’ anatomy and choose only the best needle and technique for your face. We know your lips matter to you, so visit us and get that perfect pout.

If you are already experiencing a ‘lip fillers gone wrong moment’ (We have got you covered!). COSMEDOCS only offers safe treatment for you, effective, and provides satisfactory results to our clients.

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