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Clinical Concepts To Flawless Skin

CRES principle has four simple components for effective skincare; Cleanse, Revitalise, Exfoliate and Stimulate.



Pores clogged with dead skin, oil, sweat & foreign debris


Uneven Skin Colour

UV radiation produces free radicals that impair normal cell function of melanocytes


Thickening Dead Skin Layers

Slow cell turnover leads to increased dead skin contributing to dull, dry and rough skin surface


Thinning Living Skin Layers

Thinning dermis leads to lines and wrinkles




In our day to day activities, our skin is constantly exposed to millions of tiny particles of dust, smoke, bacteria, and various other harmful agents in our environment. The combined application of cosmetics and moisturisers all add to clogging our pores and promoting a medium for bacterial growth, which invariably leads to spots and acne. This accumulation leads to a build-up of sebum (oil), which further enlarges the pores.

When this debris and dust accumulates in your skin, it affects the surrounding skin by destroying collagen and elastin fibres. These two kinds of fibres are responsible for maintaining a youthful, firm, and elastic look of your skin. Without them, skin will start looking wrinkled and saggy.

Enlarged pores give an uneven and unpleasing look to your skin that should otherwise be clear and glowing. When debris is present in pores, bacteria can grow more easily, leading to skin infection and acne. This acne can later lead to scars, known as post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Other problems are increased bacterial growth, skin inflammation, age spots, and milia. Milia are cyst like some bumps that can form on your skin. They typically appear on nose and cheeks and usually are more than one.

Our cleansing products contain deep cleansing agents; these are different from the agents that superficially cleanse your skin. They are more potent and therefore offer a much better cleanse than the traditional or popular face washes that you can buy over the counter in stores. Our main deep cleansing agents include:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Mandelic acid
  • Glycolic acid

The air around you therefore is a silent enemy of your skin, and your regular face wash is not enough to do the job!


This component of the regimen is vital to protect our skin from free radical damage, and improving skin discolouration and pigmentation. It is carried out by replenishing key vitamins and powerful antioxidants along with skin brighteners; all essential for skin cell repair, regulation and targeting uneven complexion and sun spots.

What Exactly is Free-radical Damage?

What happens when we take a fresh apple, cut it in half and leave it out for an hour? You can see the flesh turns a brown colour - this is caused by free radicals in the air. In a way, the same thing happens to our skin when exposed to UV radiation and air pollution. At a cellular level, this leads to cell corruption and death. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and glutathione, have the ability to neutralise these free radicals and stop the destructive process.


Removing dead skin layers is a vital step to stimulate the production of new and fresh skin cells. This in turn improves the appearance of skin (think of baby skin compared with aged skin), reduces pore size and combats skin dullness. Our products contain multiple peeling and exfoliating agents such as glycolic acid, pyruvic acid and lactic acid, as well as the powerful TCA.


This step is key to help our skin cells pump out collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin (the more the better!). Skin also becomes thin and brittle as we age, leading to fine lines and later deeper wrinkles. By targeting and activating key cellular functions with the use of active retinoids, multiple peptides, vitamins and immune boosters, we can essentially halt the aging process. Hallelujah!.

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