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Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating may not be harmful in any way, but it’s a common cause for embarrassment and concerning at the very least – look at the number of deodorants in the shelves at Tesco (UK Department Store)! It’s true, “hyperhidrosis” is something that many people put up with from a very young age and never really acknowledge until they reach the point of despair or even depression. Over the counter, deodorants combat normal routine sweating and not excessive sweating. Botox excessive sweating injections can treat specific areas prone to sweat profusely.

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    2-3 Weeks | 4-6 Months

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    20 Minutes

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Hyperhidrosis is when sweating occurs for no physiological reason. Sweat is the body’s temperature control method. In hyperhidrosis, the sweat is not reducing the body’s temperature as it is technically a malfunction of the electrical impulse to the sweat glands of a particular region. Hence, this answers a common question people having treatment ask us that does reduce sweat affect their body temperature? The answer is no because there are plenty of other sweat glands that can regulate body temperature.

Studies show how this disorder affects up to 3% of the population, and the excessive sweating of the forehead & scalp is a particular frustration for males who might be balding. What’s more, hyperhidrosis is often said to be something that manifests during school days and then carries into a person’s adulthood. There are decades in life when it seems to be better or worse.

Excessive sweating forces individuals to change their lifestyle from clothing to behaviours, such as shaking hands. Hence, we offer the best-recommended; botox excessive sweating injections at our specialised hyperhidrosis clinics, so that you can gain control over your sweating and start living a confident life.

At the same time, this is an issue that impacts both males and females with sweaty palms, feet or underarms just a few examples that stand out. Either way, it’s a common disorder and unlikely to go away until certain products, medication or treatments are used to combat and alleviate the condition.

But what causes this excessive sweating in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at this common disorder and how to stop excessive sweating:

What Causes Hyperhidrosis and How to Stop Excessive Sweating?

Sweat helps to regulate body temperature and most often, there is nothing wrong or harmful about sweating. General body excessive sweating occurs due to general systemic conditions such as thyroid or other hormonal imbalance. Focal excessive sweating usually occurs due to overactivity of the nerves supplying that region. More specifically, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible. The sympathetic nervous system controls the automatic functions of the body, like temperature control and heart rate. These nerves are existent throughout the body. In some places, the nerves trigger off accidentally to even a smaller trigger such as normal anxiety such as meeting new people or when giving a presentation.

Botox excessive sweating treatment for feet
A trigger factor will cause activation of the sympathetic system everywhere in the body. Hence, your heart rate may increase slightly in these situations. However, where the nerves are “hyper” the trigger causes excessive stimulation of the nerve and hence sweating in those areas becomes extreme and out of control. The same process goes for blushing in the face, and therefore the same treatment can work for blushing, i.e. botox is used for facial and neck blushing. Compensatory sweating, gustatory sweating can also be treated with botox (see botulinum toxin below)

CosmeDocs is one of the very first clinic for hyperhidrosis in London treatments for excessive sweating using botox (botulinum toxin) for standard and complex areas such as facial sweating.

We are a proud member of the International Society for Hyperhidrosis.
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Botox for Excessive Sweating

  • Underarms £500
  • Forehead From £350
  • Palms £500
  • Scalp From £500
  • Feet £450
  • Other areas Price on Consultation

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