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The name Botox instantly pops up in our minds when we hear the words like wrinkles, fine lines and creases. Is there anything that a Botox injection cannot do? Yes! A standard Botox treatment may not give you enough control over your face, unlike Baby Botox. Want to look natural? 

       Ageing is natural, but ageing beautifully is naturally beautiful! 

                                                                                     Cosmexperts ♥

Your facial expressions are the only way to communicate your emotions when you do not speak (or use gestures). When you smile, your eyes smile too, thus, adding warmth to your personality. Frowning is another way to convey how crossed you are over something and might not need any words.

Therefore, facial expressions are a blessing for humans because they not only convey what they truly feel inside but also mirror a person’s true emotions.

What if your face is frozen?

A frozen face obviously does not look warm to others. You cannot smile properly; you may not show a surprised face when you want one and even may not be able to frown the way you usually do. Frustrating, no?

Baby Botox Results
A standard Botox treatment is often blamed for doing the same to many people. They love that their wrinkles are not their forehead or around their eyes but do not like a ‘completely frozen look’.

Baby Botox To the Rescue!

So, if more is too much to handle, Cosmexperts turned to Baby Botox to achieve just what is needed. A subtle and natural look that is wrinkle and crease free!

What Is Baby Botox Anyway? 

When it comes to relaxing fine lines, creases and wrinkles, we know that Botox is a go-to treatment for many people. 

Botox injections decrease the look of fine lines and dynamic wrinkles on the face by injecting a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin A.  

Understand How Botox Actually Works? 

Botox works in a simple and safer way by blocking the signal transmission between the nerve endings and targeted muscle. This causes the weakening of the muscle and hence, stopping a dynamic wrinkle from forming. 

On the other hand, Baby Botox is injected strategically with small doses to decrease the appearance of wrinkles while still allowing for facial movement. The result is a more rested, refreshed and youthful face with the freedom to express emotions. 


This idea of mini Botox has changed the notion that anti-wrinkle injections are only meant for mature people in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Cosmedocs witnesses more and more younger people pouring in for Baby Botox requests as ‘preventative treatment’ rather than a corrective one. 

How Is Baby Botox Different from Traditional Botox?

To quickly answer this question — a couple of ways actually. From the dosing strategy to the results as well as their duration, the mini Botox has brought a slight twist to a typical Botox therapy.  

Take a look at the table below to clear away any foggy misconceptions about Botox and Micro Botox. 

Traditional Botox 

Baby Botox 

Provides noticeable results  

Delivers natural & subtle results 

Standard doses are used for the procedure 

Small doses are administered for usual procedures 

Corrective Approach 

Preventative Approach 

Suitable for cosmetic and medical concerns 

Well suited for minor anti-ageing enhancements 

Maintenance is required after about 3-4 months of the treatment 

Touch-ups are needed more frequently than a standard Botox procedure 


Natural & Not Radical Transformation

Therefore, Botox sprinkling is not entirely different from its parent and is instead a ‘personalised tweakment’ for people who prefer natural and not radical changes to their faces.  

Moreover, a baby Botox may be best suited for a lady in her late 20’s who has started noticing a few creases around her eyes. In contrast, a woman in her 40’s may need more units of Botox to fix deep crinkles between her eyebrows and around the eyes. 

6 Top Reasons To Seek Baby Botox Treatment

Botox is doing a wonderful job worldwide, serving patients of all age groups and gender! This non-surgical solution to fight visible ageing signs has also rescued many people enduring medical issues such as chronic migraines or bruxism 

Baby Botox or Mini Botox is not so far behind in making rounds, especially over social media. Natural and raw beauty is now back in fashion with trends like #wokeuplikethis and #nomakeup on Instagram.  

Take a look at why Botox sprinkling is growing in popularity among young men and women and why Cosmexperts are overwhelmed by requests for Baby Botox. 

Benefits Of Baby Botox 

  • Natural & Lifelike Results 

Be it your favourite celebrity or a social media influencer. Everyone is talking about ‘natural beauty’. No makeup selfies are trending on Instagram and Facebook. While a standard Botox is blamed for giving a ‘frozen look’, Baby Botox is hailed for subtle enhancements. 

  • Non-Invasive Fix For Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

No scalpels, no knife involved, just a relaxing clinical environment, micro Botoxing and of course, a Botox expert! Non-surgical treatments such as Baby Botox is taking over the world of beauty and transforming millions. 


  • Before and after comparison of frown lines treatment with Botox
    The transformation of frown lines before and after Botox treatment.

    An Effective ‘Preventive’ Approach For Younger Skin 

It would not be wrong to say that Baby Botox is more like a ‘preventative’ rather than a corrective approach towards ageing. Many young men and women, even teens, request small doses of Botox to either prevent or soften new fine lines and wrinkles. 

It is indeed a smart choice if you want to slow down the ageing clock but still want to retain your unique facial expressions.  

  • Cost-Effective Alternative Of Typical Cosmetic Treatments 

Tired of spending on anti-wrinkle lotions and potions? Are your favourite anti ageing creams living up to their promises? Why do such products take so much time to work?  

Cosmexperts find Botox to be quite effective and worth spending your money on. The market shelves are loaded with super skincare products that promise too much but deliver too little. 

Try Baby Botox to see for yourself! 

  • A Quick Fix For People Always Short Of Time 

The Botox procedure is also known as the ‘lunch time’ procedure because it does not take too much of your time and can be done in as little as 20 minutes! Your tight schedule cannot squeeze in long treatments and lengthy downtimes. 

With Baby Botox, your time is saved, and you indeed do not have to wait to recover for a long period, unlike after surgery. So, forget facelifts and unpractical night creams. Get Baby Botox. 

  • Visible Results Without Any Major Risks 

Do not be surprised if the most hyped anti-ageing skincare products are not giving visible results. Chances are they might be carrying risks such as allergic reactions and skin irritation in the long term. 

On the other hand, Micro Botox gives you noticeable improvements against those pesky fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of few days. Moreover, the side effects of the treatment are little to none; therefore, it is becoming a go-to anti-ageing weapon! 

How Many Units for a Baby Botox Treatment? 

As mentioned earlier, in a Mini-Botox treatment, your doctor may use relatively small dosages of Botox to achieve natural results. However, the amount of Botox units needed for your procedure usually depends on the: 

  • The intensity of your fine lines, dynamic wrinkles and folds 
  • Size of the area that needs to be treated 
  • Your own goals and expectations from the treatment

That being said, you might expect fewer units for this kind of tweakment. For instance, if you have been receiving 25 units of Botox during a standard anti wrinkle treatment, your doctor might use 15 units during a mini Botox session. 

Baby Botox Is Trending Among The Youngsters

According to annual figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox procedures have increased by 28% since 2010, while dermal fillers have increased by 32% among the people of age bracket 20-29.

Royals Are Getting A Touch-Up Of Botox Sprinkle

There is nothing wrong with trying to look your best, and that goes for everyone, whether you are a guy who wants to look sharp and relevant at work or a woman who desires to look youthful in her 30’s or 40’s.

Whether you are an actor who has to look visually appealing to your audience or a royal who is also a ‘public figure’ and needs to maintain a pretty image.

According to some social media speculations, our Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has had a slight touch up of Baby Botox!



Now that is what we call ‘naturally stunning’ result of Micro-Botox!

More Preventive than a Corrective Approach

Baby Botox is ideal for you if you notice premature wrinkles and fine lines when you look at yourself in the mirror. These tiny shots can freeze specific muscles and prevent you from contracting them. Therefore, your existing fine lines and baby wrinkles will not become deeper over time. 

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Baby Botox? 

This trendy procedure is a favourite procedure for top Hollywood celebs as well as your favourite social media influencers! Have you noticed any changes to their skin lately? Yes? No? Well, if you are not sure, it is probably micro Botox injections! 

This latest technique of Botox is making rounds among the mature as well as young people and for all the right reasons. However, Botox sprinkling is ideal for: 

  • Men and women over the age of 18 who have noticed very fine lines and wrinkles on their skin 
  • Patients who desire more natural and lifelike results after the procedure 
  • Young men and women who would like to prevent the early onset of ageing signs on their faces. 
  • Mature individuals who regularly get Botox as a part of their maintenance treatment 
  • Men who wish to achieve a more rested and refreshed look rather than a dramatic change to their appearance. 
  • People who are using anti-wrinkle injections for the first time and want to see if they are suitable for them or not. 
  • Individuals who are on a budget  


Baby Botox Is An Ideal Anti Ageing Option For Men

While beauty and aesthetics are associated with women, especially in the aesthetics industry, men too look for ways to look rejuvenated and sharp! Cosmedocs take pride in the fact that it has so far transformed thousands of male patients to help them look their best!

Male patients at our clinic demand all kinds of anti ageing treatments such as Botox for horizontal forehead lines or jawline filler for a sharp, masculine jawline.

How Micro-Botox Helps Men?

Men usually do not prefer flawless and smooth skin. Instead, they desire a more natural yet youthful look. This is where our signature Baby Botox techniques come in! With precise micro dosing at the targeted areas, men can expect to notice those lines softening while still look themselves.

Treatment Areas Of Baby Botox 

Cosmexperts usually administer Micro-Botox injections to areas that Botox treats, such as: 

  • Frown lines: lines between your eyebrows 
  • Horizontal forehead lines: also known as worry lines 
  • Droopy eyebrows: eyebrows that are lower than your expectations and make you look tired or grumpy. 
  • Crow’s feet: fine lines on the outside of your eyes that tend to appear when you smile 
  • Gummy smile: too much gum show upon smiling
  • Thin upper lip: a top lip that becomes almost invisible when you smile  

 The small dosing technique of Botox has shown stunning results for men and women, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s. The common areas mentioned above are effectively treated using Baby Botox and also allow natural facial movement. 

Preparing For Your Baby Botox Treatment

Before your baby Botox treatment begins, you will need to attend a consultation. During this consultation, a practitioner will let you know whether you’re eligible to receive this treatment.

The practitioner will also need to know if you’re on any medication or have any allergies. They will answer any questions that you might have and tell you more about what to expect.

On the day of your micro botox treatment, you’ll need to remove any makeup from your face before the procedure gets underway. You may receive a mild local anaesthetic to keep any pain to a minimum. The injections will only take a few minutes.


Natural Baby Botox Forehead Before And After Transformation

Experts at Cosmedocs value your natural and unique expressions. With tiny shots of Botox placed precisely at the concerned areas, they deliver to you lifelike yet effective results. Take a look at these Micro Botox before and after transformations to judge for yourself!



Subtle Baby Botox Before And After Dimpled Chin



What Side Effects To Expect From The Mini Botox

Although side effects are rare, there is a small chance that you might experience:

  • Swelling
  • Minimal bruising around the injection sites
  • Headaches
  • Slight pain
  • Redness

It’s rare but possible that you may lose bladder control or experience muscle weakness after receiving Botox.

A highly experienced practitioner  can reduce the likelihood of any side effects and risks of baby botox. Consult your doctor if you experience vomiting, blurred vision, neck pain or fatigue after your treatment.

After the treatment

During the first two days after your treatment, avoid massaging or rubbing the face. It’s also wise to wait a few days before you embark upon strenuous exercise, as this could cause the Botox to be redistributed.

You should expect to start seeing a real difference around a week after your treatment. The effects normally last for up to three months.

Baby Botox Needs Experience, Skill and Precision!

Injecting Botox using needles is a serious matter, and only an experienced practitioner must carry out your procedure. The micro doses of Botox and the precise injecting of the Botox are crucial to your treatment’s success. Therefore, you must see the right person for a procedure like baby botox.

Is Botox Sprinkling Worth Your Money?

Absolutely! Huge lips and frozen Kardashian forehead is fading away and Meghan Markle’s subtle look is becoming all the rage. Hence, minimal enhancement without losing your expressions and facial movement is what everyone must be looking for.

Baby Botox results are very effective, safe with high patient satisfaction. It is ideal for new clients uncertain if results will suit them.

Also, many actors are more interested in this trendy tweakment because they want to look stunning without losing their valuable expressions in front of the camera!

The best wrinkle is the one you never get, but if you do, Botox it!

                                                                                               Cosmexperts ♥

Botox Sprinkle at Cosmedocs

Cosmedocs is all about ‘tweakments’ rather than ‘treatments’ when it comes to beauty. Our experts have been giving natural results using micro Botox injection techniques for a long time.

The doctors here do not use the ‘cookie-cutter’ technique for your face. Instead, they believe that every face is unique, therefore it is important to personalise every treatment. They pay attention to your facial features, the anatomy and how strong the target muscle is.


Hence, no frozen forehead, more happy eyes, and a balanced smile!

What Type of Face Do You Prefer—Warm One or Frozen & Fake?

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