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Baby Botox, aka micro botox has been in the headlines a lot over recent years. Rather than a treatment for young children who aren’t legally permitted to receive BotoBaby Botox Resultsx, it actually refers to when small doses of Botox are injected into the face.  Micro-tox results can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the frozen look.

Many people also opt for baby botox intending to receive a bigger treatment further down the line. This is due to the way that the muscles become so relaxed they no longer form creases. Micro botox can be used to treat areas like foreheads, eyebrows, crow’s feet, lips, frown lines, necks and jawbones.

Baby Botox can be used to treat multiple areas such as:

  • Crow’s feet that appear when you smile and look old to others 
  • Unsightly frown lines between the eyebrows called Glabella lines
  • Horizontal forehead lines that just refuse to vanish
  • Droopy eyebrows that bring you down too
  • Invisible upper lip, which can become more prominent through a method known as ‘lip flip’.
  • Unnecessary necklines, also known as ‘tech neck’.

Baby Botox Results In Reduced Risks

Small botox dose results in lower risks than normal Botox, although the risks attached to the latter are already modest. Although it isn’t less effective, the results will be less obvious and won’t last as long. Another name for baby Botox is ‘micro-Botox’.

This treatment hasn’t been around for as long as conventional Botox, which has been used for around 20 years. It can still smoothen out your wrinkles and make your face more voluminous.

More Preventive than a Corrective Approach

Baby Botox is ideal for you if you notice premature wrinkles and fine lines when you look at yourself in the mirror. These tiny shots can freeze specific muscles and prevent you from contracting them. Therefore, your existing fine lines and baby wrinkles will not become deeper over time. 

Eligibility For Small Botox Doses

Some people say their face appears less “frozen” when they opt for baby Botox rather than the better-known option. However, botox results such as duration and effectiveness does matter on the dose; so expect less results if you have deep lines.

Baby Botox Is Also For Men

The aesthetic industry is about beauty and attraction for men and women! There has been an upward trend among many men to look much younger than their actual age. This is where baby Botox comes in. It is an ideal procedure for men because micro doses and needle precision can soften fine lines and wrinkles without any super smooth skin. 

Suitability For Botox In General

You are more likely to be a suitable candidate for baby Botox if you’ve never had any adverse reactions to Botox before and don’t have high blood pressure. Avoid blood-thinning products like aspirin and ibuprofen in the two weeks leading up to receiving Baby Botox.

Once you have received your treatment, you’ll be able to go about your daily activities within a few hours. You shouldn’t have to take a day or two off work to recover from the treatment.

Baby Botox Needs Top-Ups

The botox results usually wear off in 4-6 months, therefore, you need to have repeated sessions of the treatment. In baby Botox, your results can wear off even faster because low doses are used for the treatments. Hence, you need to top up your Botox shots at shorter intervals.

Preparing For Your Baby Botox Treatment

Before your baby Botox treatment begins, you will need to attend a consultation. During this consultation, a practitioner will let you know whether you’re eligible to receive this treatment.

The practitioner will also need to know if you’re on any medication or have any allergies. They will answer any questions that you might have and tell you more about what to expect.

On the day of your micro botox treatment, you’ll need to remove any makeup from your face before the procedure gets underway. You may receive a mild local anaesthetic to keep any pain to a minimum. The injections will only take a few minutes.

Baby botox treatment summary

Side effects

Although side effects are rare, there is a small chance that you might experience swelling, bruising, headaches, pain and swelling. It’s rare but possible that you may lose bladder control or experience muscle weakness after receiving Botox.

A highly experienced practitioner  can reduce the likelihood of any side effects and risks of baby botox. Consult your doctor if you experience vomiting, blurred vision, neck pain or fatigue after your treatment.

After the treatment

During the first two days after your treatment, avoid massaging or rubbing the face. It’s also wise to wait a few days before you embark upon strenuous exercise, as this could cause the Botox to be redistributed.

You should expect to start seeing a real difference around a week after your treatment. The effects normally last for up to three months.

Baby Botox Needs Experience, Skill and Precision!

Injecting Botox using needles is a serious matter, and only an experienced practitioner must carry out your procedure. The micro doses of Botox and the precise injecting of the Botox are crucial to your treatment’s success. Therefore, you must see the right person for a procedure like baby botox.

Before and after

Baby Botox Before And After
Baby botox preserves natural expression

Is it worth the cost?

Baby Botox results are very effective, safe with high patient satisfaction. It is ideal for new clients uncertain if results will suit them. However, the cost of baby botox is not less. Many working in front of the camera find micro botox to be worth it.  

If you want to know more about the baby botox and what it can do for you please contact us. 

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