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Welcome back to the blog. Today I want to talk skin and my pursuit of the perfect skincare routine.

INSTAGRAM! I should be banned from Instagram (charleefrack). I could use it to stare all day at droves of hot men wearing tiny shorts covered in oil of some kind but no, ohhhh no I spend all day looking at women, perfect, wrinkle free, pore free, blemish free women. I spend my time typing #mac #illamasqua #mua over and over again, staring longingly at their stippling and application of #softandgentle highlight. And then I look in the mirror and wonder why I’m not a real life photoshop princess, wrinkle free, pore free, blemish free, contoured and highlighted to perfection.

Then one day whilst admiring these angel faced beauties I saw it, CosmeDocs #cosmedocs #perfectselfieskin treatment! I was sold – break me off a piece of that. Treatment scheduled in I began fantasising about the day I could flaunt my skin like an insta model.

The day of treatment arrived – the process itself was simple enough, I arrived, was greeted by the fabulous Dr Bhatti who put me at ease instantly, discussed my needs and we opted for a Harley Street formulations skin peel.

Dr Bhatti performed the treatment with such confidence that I had total faith that my skin would be selfie worthy in no time. The procedure was uncomfortable but nothing more than that, my face felt hot and it stung but what do you expect when your face is covered with acid?!? I just tried to imagine a nice hot beach in Barbados. I was reclined in the treatment chair, my face was make up free anyway but it was cleansed again to remove any remaining traces of make up, then the Harley street formulations peel was applied left on for 4 minutes, neutralised and that was it! Treatment complete!

skin peeling treatment

I had a large amount of ‘frosting’ immediately post procedure – no one quite knows what causes this but it has been likened to the albumin in egg whites – this was a shock to me as it looked a little scary but I was reassured and I drove myself home (quick note was I laughed at by anyone I saw due to my red tomato head, this subsided within a few hours though also I drank my body weight in water as I felt dehydrated) and awaited the peeling.

The peeling lasted up to 10 days day 4 having the most prolific peeling. It felt SO GOOD to see the old skin crisp up and fall off leaving behind gorgeous silky smooth fresh skin.

My skin, and my outlook were changed forever. Once the peeling has subsided, my gorgeous glory skin was revealed, my pores were reduced my skin tone improved fine line faded. I felt new! So when I was offered the chance of a second peel I jumped!

After two peels my skin was just divine, I even logged my skin peel process on my Instagram so in a way became my own little #instamodel.

This treatment not only treated my skin, but allowed a new me a chance to emerge (like a butterfly from my crusty cacoon). My confidence was boosted significantly as well as my make up application skills.

This was (so far) the single best thing I have done for my skin and my confidence, beauty comes from within, but it helps if he outside looks decent too.

The only thing I would do differently is I would invest in some skincare from cosmedocs to follow up and keep my skin tip top (I had asked Santa every so nicely instead).

I still stalk hot girls on Instagram, but I know where I’ll go when I want someone to make me look more like them.

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