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CosmeDocs In The Press



Cosmetic surgery abroad

  • Published On Aug 04, 2014

Holidaymakers jetting off abroad this summer will be packing their travel essentials - but an appointment card for the plastic surgeon is unlikely to be slipped into most suitcases. Yet for an increasing....

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Guardian newspaper

Should cosmetic tattoos be made available on the NHS?

  • Published On Jul 06, 2014

Modern tattoos that hide operation scars and skin conditions are incredibly realistic - and help patients heal deep psychological wounds. Is it time they were made more available on the NHS?....

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Hello magazine

3 Facials to Soothe Summer Skin

  • Published On Aug 15, 2014

As summer wraps up, your skin might need a treat in order to recover from the damage harsh rays can do. So whether you’re just looking for something to improve the surface or a treatment that goes a little deeper than usual....

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Daily Express Magazine

Top tummy-toning tips

  • Published On Jul 31, 2014

As the sun continues to shine, the pressure is on to tone up your tum. Whether you’re planning a beach break abroad or a family trip to your local lido, there is no escaping bikini season....

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Tablet display

Butt lifts on the rise

  • Published On Jun 14, 2014

Football fans aren’t the only ones with their eye on Brazil this summer, with enquiries for the coveted ‘Brazilian butt lift’ doubling (115%) in the past 12 months, according to new research.....

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mailonline on Tablet

Plastic surgery death in Thailand

  • Published On Oct 24, 2014

A 24-year-old British woman died at a beauty clinic in Thailand after a procedure. CosmeDocs’ doctors have warned about dangers of having surgery abroad. .....

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