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No, you are not looking for a ‘model-esque’ look at your workplace, but you are seeking a more refreshed and well-rested personality. We hear you! Your physical looks matter more than you think actually.

Human Psyche At Play

According to Business Insider, during a fascinating study that involved around 300 advertising agencies in the Netherlands, economists made an intriguing discovery. They found a connection between the executives’ physical looks and the revenue generated by their firms.

Interesting, no?

But there is more research available on the human mind!

According to a literature by Comila Shahani-Denning, who is the Co-Director of the M.A. Program in Industrial & Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University, NewYork, physical attractiveness plays such a key role in the hiring process. Even for those jobs where looks may not seem important.

So, what is the key takeaway from this fascinating study?
Even though you are not seeking the purpose of ‘mating’ and ‘signs of fertility’ in a corporate world, yet your physical personality still remains an unavoidable factor.

These studies were not about judging a book by its cover. No, no, no!
It was in fact about understanding the underlying dynamics at play, the subtle cues that might influence clients’ perceptions and, hence, their decisions.

The Artist Who Knows Your Struggle

Dr Ahmed Haq, a truly talented aesthetic practitioner. With his exceptional skills and expertise, he brings a unique touch to the world of non-surgical aesthetics. Graduating from The Royal College of Surgeons Medical School in Ireland, Dr. Ahmed has honed his craft and is now considered one of the best in the field.aesthetic concerns corrected by Dr Haq in UK

Dr. Haq, owner at CosmeDocs aesthetic clinic, has served patients from all walks of life and especially with celebrities and renowned names of the corporate world.

“It’s no secret that these people at the executive level know the power of looking good and the major effect it can have on their professional lives.
With this in mind, they prioritise their looks and seek out cosmetic treatments to enhance their overall image.”

Dr Haq’s Philosophy
Exclusively Tailored Treatment Plan
Natural Results

Every other patient that walks in from the doors of CosmeDocs is different owing to their unique features, skin type, skin tone, needs and expectations. Hence, calling for a more personalised approach rather than a typical ‘cookie-cutter technique’ practised at many clinics and medspas.

Dr Haq goes beyond the norm and provides in-depth consultations that take into account each patient’s specific objectives, lifestyle, and busy schedule.

CosmeDocs ensures to make you feel like more than just another patient in a crowded waiting room—we want you to feel valued and heard.

Looking Yourself, Looking Good!

Speaking of ‘yourself’, Dr Ahmed Haq attaches great importance to the ‘Art of Subtelness’. Corporate leaders and CEOs truly understand how important it is to enhance their features, but they also value the idea of maintaining a genuine and unpretentious look.

CosmeDocs has a club of happy clients who enjoy the subtle improvements, hence, allowing them to flaunt their refreshed physical personalities without appearing excessively artificial.

It’s all about being authentic and true to oneself.

So, every patient that leaves the CosmeDocs after his or her treatment looks still the same but, better, refreshed and of course confident!

Top 5 Aesthetic Challenges Reported By Executives

Success and glory does not come easy or lets just say without a price!

It’s not a walk in the park, is it?

Dr Haq, himself knows that your struggle is real and lays down some of the most reported, yet unique cosmetic concerns of men and women running businesses and firms

Here are some of the most typical cosmetic dilemmas that are faced by the most accomplished professionals:

1. Under Eye Fatigue and Dark Circles under eye dark circles

How exhausting it can be to work long hours and deal with constant demands? It is no surprise that your eyes can suffer greatly from daily fatigue, leading to tiredness and those unwanted dark circles.

Even top-level business executives, who put in relentless effort, can relate to this struggle. In fact, Dr Haq usually starts his treatments by first identifying the ‘stressed eye area’.

Under eye lifting and revolumising is made possible by under eye fillers using hyaluronic acid. Countless patients have walked out of the doors of CosmeDocs looking themselves but better, younger and happier!

Happy = More Confident!

So, do not let workplace fatigue hold you back any longer from your crucial corporate roles. Visit Dr Haq who is an expert in delivering a non surgical makeover under 60 minutes that ensures you not only look your best but also feel your absolute best!

2. Declining Health & Quality Of Skin

In the fast-paced world of business, both men and women face a common complaint that affects not just their professional lives but also their skin health. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and can easily tell if it is not being taken care of.

Most renowned executives narrate how demanding and stressful it can be, with long hours, tight deadlines, and the constant pressure to excel. It is no surprise that these factors can leave unsightly blemishes, and even premature signs of aging.

Thankfully, there are practical steps you can take with your aesthetic practitioner who possesses vast experience and skill set to improve your skin’s resilience and maintain a healthy, youthful glow even in the face of stress.

Start with:

  • Visiting a reputed aesthetic clinic to diagnose and discover tailored skin solutions.
  • Building a robust skincare routine and stick to it without a fail
  • Signing up for monthly skin services such as PRP facials, Microneedling or HydraFacials.

Take the initiative today and couple them with a healthy lifestyle that is built over skin friendly Do’s and Dont’s. Your skin will thank you for such an investment for years to come.

3. Unconfident Smile & Speech At Workplace

A smile is often considered a universal symbol of friendliness, approachability, and confidence. When someone has oral health issues that make them hesitant to smile or reveal their teeth, it can create an impression of being unapproachable or uninterested in engaging with others.

Dr Zohaib Khwaja, a UK based restorative and aesthetic dentist acknowledges the importance of confidence in the professional realm. In a corporate environment, where networking, teamwork, and effective communication are crucial, poor oral hygiene can hinder professional relationships as well as limit opportunities for collaboration.dental bonding by Dr Zohaib UK

Dr Khwaja highly recommends you all to book regular dental check-ups, practise proper brushing and flossing techniques, and adopt a healthy diet that can significantly improve oral health and boost confidence.

Here is a glimpse of a confident smile that looks visually appealing.

All credits go to Dr Zohaib at The Ringley Park Dental Practice.

Seeking professional dental treatments, such as teeth whitening or orthodontic solutions, can also help top guns in the corporate industry regain their confidence and enhance their smile.

Remember, the power of a captivating smile cannot be underestimated when it comes to making a lasting impression in the business world.

4. Poor Posture Coupled With Weight Fluctuation

Dr. Haq says that it is typical for CEOs and business executives to find themselves juggling so many responsibilities and facing high levels of stress.
Now such demanding roles can take a toll on their overall well-being, not to mention their physical health.

Patients coming to Dr Ahmed Haq narrate their routine as sitting for long hours in meetings or at a desk, attending to countless emails and phone calls. This sedentary lifestyle, coupled with the stress of managing a company, can ultimately lead to central weight gain.
Now as the weight spikes, it places even more strain on their spines and therefore, affects their body’s posture.

An Upright Posture Exudes Professional Confidence

As the central weight gain becomes a factor, it can hinder an executive’s ability to maintain that desired posture. They might unknowingly adopt a forward head posture or develop a rounded upper back, which can negatively affect their professional image.

In addition to straining the muscles in the patient’s neck, upper back, and shoulders, causing discomfort and potentially leading to chronic pain, a poor posture resulting, such as a slouched back or a forward head position, can convey an unintended message of lethargy or lack of confidence.

Way out?
Take out a few minutes to exercise your core muscles and improve your posture such as pilates and yoga. Such physical activities offer a holistic strategy to physical fitness, focusing not only on physical strength but also on mental well-being.
Secondly, implement ergonomic adjustments in the workplace, such as using supportive chairs and ergonomic desks at work as well as home.

5. Ageing Faces Of Mature Executives

Growing older also means that human faces go through so many changes. Dr Haq identifies multiple areas of the face that experience volume loss such as:Correcting volume loss as an aesthetic concern

  • Undereye area
  • Cheeks
  • Temples

This can lead to a sunken mid-face, which not only affects how high-powered professionals look but also contributes to a tired look.

Especially during those corporate meetings or business trips when a good deal and good looks matter the most!

According to Dr Ahmed Haq, busy executives and CEOs in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s, collagen loss, a diminishing jawline, sinking cheeks, a receding chin, and thinning skin are some of the pressing concerns.

But there is no need to deepen those worry lines as CosmeDocs has been offering some of the best and efficient non-surgical fixes including:

The maestro of subtle enhancement, in his aesthetic clinic at Harley Street, only strives to help you achieve a refreshed and well rested look that reflects your inner vitality and boosts your confidence.



No work done look. Guaranteed!

Speaking of ‘ageing signs’, how can we skip those undesirable ‘ageing lines’?

Dynamic Deep Lines, Wrinkles & Facial Compartmentalization

When it comes to deep lines and wrinkles, like those ageing crow’s feet around your eyes, due to frequent smiling, squinting and rubbing, they typically become more noticeable, particularly in our mature patients from the corporate industry.

We understand the challenges that come with a tough financial outlook, unforgiving market competition, and rising inflation.

The stress from such internal and external factors can really take a toll on anyone’s face, regardless of age.

What is worse is that aging wrinkles and lines have a way of compartmentalising the face, creating an unappealing, disjointed and tired look.

CosmeDocs have had many patients visiting with a common desire: they want an overnight miracle to help them look their absolute best.
While we completely understand their expectations, it is important to bear in mind that achieving instant results is not exactly practical.

However, worry not, because we do have solutions that can make a visible difference.

So, how do we tackle this challenge?

Well, Dr Haq turns to the trusty power of Botox, of course! Here Baby Botox / Micro Tox is rather a more preferable treatment that results in a naturally well rested look, softening those visible lines but also preserving your signature facial expressions.

According to The Economist, there has been a remarkable surge in the demand for injectable treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. This fascinating trend has been fueled, in large part, by the rise of Zoom.

With the rise of video conferencing and virtual meetings, more and more people including busy CEOs find themselves staring at their own faces on screen for hours on end.

In addition to that, for those deeper, engraved lines, we may also recommend dermal fillers in combination with profhilo. This smart strategy works efficiently to deliver truly outstanding results.

Here’s the thing: at Cosmedocs, we firmly believe that being fresh is the new young, and ageing gracefully is the ultimate goal.

That is why our dedicated team harnesses advanced techniques to address those deep lines and restore a smooth, harmonious canvas.

The Right Recipe To Success Is The Right Combo!

The true key to triumph lies in a combination of factors: a compelling portfolio, a stellar reputation, and, of course, the ability to deliver outstanding results. Appearance, as it turns out, is just one piece of the puzzle, albeit an intriguing one.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering the role of physical appearance in the business world, remember the influence of what captivates human eye and ultimately human mind. It reminds us that while substance reigns supreme, a touch of confidence and poise can go a long way in shaping perceptions and opening doors to new opportunities.

Dr Haq Professes Subtlety Over Substantiality

We will wrap it up by stressing on the value of first impressions. We live in a world where even the smallest details hold immense importance, and so, it is the need of the hour to finally recognize the impact they can have.

Dr Haq at CosmeDocs takes pride in harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology and modern breakthroughs for clinical skin perfection. The one and only goal is:

  • Standard
  • Satisfaction
  • Skin Confidence

So, with this, just remember that your professional calling and future relies not only on your leadership skills but also on your aura and personality. Make sure you shine inside and out!

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