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How To Get A Chiseled Jawline In Under 30 Minutes Without Facial Exercises

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How to get a jawline without surgery or facial exercises?  Many people wish to look younger or more chiseled now more than ever before. One way to achieve this is to conside PDO thread lift or a jawline filler treatment, or even both depending on your age & anatomy.

The benefits of PDO threads in how to get a good jawline

Many people have been keen to find out more about PDO threads after hearing about how they can reduce the appearance of sagging skin around their necks, jowls a

jawline filler
Celebrity angles setting the par

nd cheeks. The purpose of PDO threads is to contour the face and enhance the elasticity of the skin. PDO thread treatments leave no scarring and offer quick recovery times so you can swiftly return to your normal life. You don’t have to stay in hospital overnight, and many people agree that the effect looks more natural than what’s offered by other treatments. Bespoke treatments are available, which means you should receive a treatment based around your specific needs. Before you receive your treatment, you’ll need to undergo a consultation so you can come to the right decision for you.

What happens during a PDO threads treatment?

Fine PDO threads are advanced across the contours of your face during a PDO threads lift. Your body responds by producing fresh collagen to deliver a subtle yet noticeable facelift. The threads themselves will eventually dissolve on their own. This treatment can be applied to various parts of the body including not only the face and neck but the abdomen, thighs and arms too. It will take around six months for the threads to dissolve

PDO Threadsand they will be replaced by new collagen.

Are PDO thread treatments painful?

You shouldn’t experience any discomfort during your PDO threads treatment. This is because a local anaesthetic is usually injected into the relevant area before the procedure begins. A micro-needle is used to introduce the threads. The threads are advanced along carefully chosen lines to give you the best results. PDO threads are not limited to just the jawline, see chin PDO in the video below. Chin PDO Threads compliment Jawline filler and PDO thread treatment

When will I notice the results?

You can expect to see a subtle lift right away. Over the next few

months, your skin will be lifted and tightened as the new collagen grows. You’ll start to see the best results after around six months. The effect should last for up to three years before you need a new treatment but to be honest some people wishing for more result book sooner.

Are there any side effects

Jawline Filler Using Cannula

Side effects are rare and normally minor. Initially, you might experience soreness, puffiness and soreness. You may experience minor scarring and infection due to insertion of the needle and small collections of blood beneath the skin. Some patients have allergic reactions to the anaesthetic. Any reputable practitioner will take all the necessary precautions and only administer jawline filler or PDO Threads in the best interest of the patients.  Having thousands of patients at our clinic we have perfected our results whilst decreasing complications to below 1%.

The benefits of jawline filler

Jawline filler is another cosmetic treatment that’s become more popular over recent years.jawline filler Small amounts of filler can be along the jawline to rest

ore volume and make the skin appear lifted and more defined.  Women tend to lose bone volume (around the angle of the jaw) early due to hormonal changes.  Men on the other hand are late to lose the angle of the jaw.

It’s common for patients to report looking more youthful once they have received this treatment. This treatment can make the contour of the lower face appear more sculpted.

Side effects are minor and normally disappear completely after a fortnight or so, though they can stop almost immediately. They include pain, bruising, itching, rashes, redness and swelling. Less common side effects include leakage, infection, blood vessel injury and movement of the filler to the wrong area.

Jawline fillers  are injected using a cannula.  A cannula is a blunt tube which avoids damaging blood vessels and nerves.  You will see us use a cannula mostly in our videos (see below)

The amount of dermal filler require depends on the volume loss in the outer face.  Generally speaking between the ages of 30 and 40, 1ml on each side is sufficient.  1.5ml – 3ml can be safely and easily injected in older individuals.  Though at first that may seem a lot of filler, see below image for comparison.

how to get a jawline
Understanding filler volumes – 1ml is 1/5 of a teaspoon

1ml is enough for most lip treatments but maybe not in the jawline and outer face.  An average face volume can range from 500-600ml in youth and loosing 1-2ml from the age of 20 onwards.

The cost of jawline filler & PDO Threads

Jawline filler can cost £300-£350 per ml and usually two or three syringes are required, depending on anatomy.  PDO Threads for the jawline cost £650 and the collagen produced can last more than 2-3 years.  Jawline filler can be repeated in 12-18 months (Less required to maintain than the first treatment).  Treatment packages available.

If you are interested in non-surgical cosmetic treatments including jawline fillers and PDO threading, get in touch today. We can help you achieve the results you require.

Check out more jawline filler reels on instagram on https://www.instagram.com/reel/CJDtKxsnIWL/?igshid=1wdl1x660xc0e



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