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Of course, we welcome everyone in our clinic but a doctor can dream about the ideal customer profile (can’t we?). So, here it is, the dream client list – have a read and see if any of the points fit!

We are not a hair salon, so bin those celebrity photos 

We get it, we honestly do – when you go to the hair salon, it’s positively encouraged to bring photos of celebrities whose locks you covet. However, when it comes to cosmetic procedures – it’s best to realise the limitations. Your face and body are totally unique to you and it’s probably best to not aspire to have exactly Angelina Jolie’s lips. Please, don’t bring in the photo of her (which might have possibly have been photo-shopped), instead have a chat with us about what you want to achieve. We never guarantee Hollywood transformations, but we do endeavour to make you the best version of yourself!

Don’t obsess about every line

The quest to self-improvement is a journey, after all, to get a slimmer tummy you decide to exercise and probably make your first goal weight loss (before ab definition). However, we see time and time again that clients lose sight of the bigger picture and focus far too much on individual lines. Too often, the small ‘barely there’ lines are addressed as total bugbears when clients should be focusing on the whole picture.

Stay loyal

We appreciate that it’s good to shop around, but it does raise alarm bells when clients are continually seeking the next cosmetology bargain deal and frequently yo-yo from practitioner to practitioner. Instead, a client that remains loyal to their practitioner shows their appreciation for follow-up appointments and their desire for a long-term relationship that offers education on both parts (both in terms of what the client wants and what the practitioner can deliver). This type of client will also allow for the fact that each procedure is not the same every single time, what worked one year might not work the same year but there is a solution for every stage of the journey and we’ll find it together.

Stop Googling 

Unfortunately, Google has made everyone an authority on everything and, while we don’t claim to be experts on much, we are experts in the field of Cosmetology. Please let us lead the way. Of course, we totally welcome educating yourself and understanding the benefits (and even the limitations) of each procedure – but let’s draw a line at suggestions for treatment!

When Things Go Wrong

Hands up who is perfect? Certainly, not us, and sometimes (just sometimes) things go wrong. Not in a drastic, cannot be fixed way – but, let’s remember that everyone is totally unique and allow for it. Sometimes circumstances go a little off-piste, allergic reactions, bruising, swelling – whatever the reason, please stay calm and let us guide you through it. First up, know that we have a contingency and a care plan that offers a unique solution for you – if you follow up with another cosmetologist they have no record of your exact procedure and might serve to make things worse. You have been warned!

Remember that along this journey, your practitioner is also assessing your skin’s response and, indeed, your mental ability to cope with both problems and treatments. Establishing a good trusting relationship will result in the practitioner becoming more confident in recommending treatments that serve to make you the very best version of yourself. 

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