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No! Wrinkles are not only unattractive but also make you look way older than you actually are. Did you know that out of many types of wrinkles, forehead wrinkles are one of the major skincare concerns among people 25 and older? 

“Years wrinkle the skin, giving up wrinkles the soul”    

Douglas Macarthur 

 Why Does Your Skin Age?

Ageing refers to physical changes that humans experience throughout their lifetime. It is simply unavoidable! As you age with time and reach your 20’s, your skin slows down its collagen production which is key component for a youthful and bouncy skin.  

Moreover, your skin also slows down its natural process of buffing away dead skin cells. As a result, you see a gradual dullness and sagging of your skin with more wrinkles and fine lines.   

Your ageing skin is also attacked by factors in your environment such as sun exposure, pollution, free radicals, smoking, too much sugary food.   

How Do You Know Your Skin Is Ageing?

skin ageing areas  

  • Fine lines
  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Loose and saggy skin
  • Rough, dry and patchy skin texture
  • Skin is easily bruised
  • Hallowing of cheeks
  • Drooping jowls

10 Most Crucial Habits That May Be Ageing Your Skin Rapidly

There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle and a robust skincare regimen does not only prevents premature skin ageing but also keeps it looking young and fresh for a long time. 

However, there are some poor habits that can make your skin to age faster than its usual pace. We are jotting down some of the most destructive habits that can greatly affect your skin:   

1- You Don’t Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed   

Too tired to take off your makeup? Is it too late to do cleansing, toning or moisturization? Do not delay taking off that foundation and that makeup setting spray before calling it a day. 

Why? If you sleep with your makeup on, you may experience acne breakouts, dull skin, clogged pores and premature wrinkles. 

remove face makeup before bed

2- You Frequently Consume Alcohol

Alcohol is indeed one of the most aggressive compounds that can seriously affect your skin negatively. Wondering what is the reason? Well, alcohol causes inflammation and sucks away moisture from your skin and essential nutrients especially Vitamin A a powerful anti-oxidant. 

3- Sugar- The Collagen Killer

Sugar is a ‘super dehydrator that is blamed for skin puffiness and inflammation. Too much sugar can go to your bloodstream and form skin destructive compounds that ultimately affect the collagen levels of your skin. Hence, avoid too much sugar in your diet. 

sugur is killer for facial aging

4- Not Eating Enough Fats

Are you taking enough ‘Good Fats’? Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a good-looking skin. People who avoid seafood particularly a trout diet completely do complain of a dry skin with wrinkles.  

5- Too Much Stress For Your Skin

According to a research, if you are experiencing too much stress for a long period of time, it can cause premature skin ageing such as wrinkling, inflammation, and skin irritation. 

Not only your skin, stress can age your brain, cause your blood pressure to rise and disrupt your sleeping cycle completely. All of this combined is bad news for you skin because it starts to show classic signs of ageing. 

6- Skipping Sunscreen

Your desire to achieve a ‘Bronzed Summer Glow’ is not invalid. However, too much skin is a bad habit that can age your skin earlier. Also, sunscreen is super important for a healthy and younger looking skin. 

However, if you skip this key step in skincare, you may start experiencing ‘photo-ageing signs such as pigmentation, dull skin tone and of course, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Sun Screen protection

7- Your Damaging Habit Of Smoking

Did you know that when you smoke cigarette, the toxins in the smoke negatively impact your skin? Smoking can actually activate enzyme in your skin that breaks down the elasticity of your skin. 

Your skin shows patches of dryness, fine lines around mouth, wrinkles as well as other signs of ageing. 

8- You Don’t Take Enough Sleep

Just like your smart phone needs to be recharged so that it can function properly, similarly, you need to take appropriate amount of sleep so that your skin can perform its function to keep you looking younger and fresh. 

However, lack of sleep can make you look tired, fatigued and a skin showing wrinkles and creases that are major signs of ageing.  

poor sleep increasing aging

Do you know that 67% of adults in UK suffer from disrupted sleep and nearly 23% do not even get more than 5 hours of slumber at night?

9- Using Too Harsh Chemicals for Your Skin

Are you cleansing your skin using harsh chemicals such as alcohol in your toner or a soap that is too alkaline in its pH? Well, it is about time you had started looking for a mild cleanser and other skincare products for your delicate skin. 

Cleansers that contain harsh cleansing and foaming agents can actually deprive your skin from moisture and make your lines and creases more visible. 

facial product

10- An Inactive Lifestyle

If you are one of those couch potatoes who hardly take any time out for a jog or work out then it is time to change this habit because it can reflect on your skin and health. 

‘An interesting research done on women showed that ladies who were not involved in any physical activity looked biologically older by eight years!’ 

Therefore, it means a significant age gap exists between those who exercised and those who don’t. Moreover, if you are in the list of those ladies, you may even experience health conditions like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  

What Are Forehead Wrinkles?

Did you just raise your eyebrows this morning only to find out a set of fine lines or wrinkles running across your forehead? Well, here is the half of the answer to your query! Let us understand the rest. 

It is a universal fact that every human has to age even if he or she has the most ideal genes. However, the good news is that it is possible to delay the process or even improve it just by adopting a healthy lifestyle and well-rounded skincare routine.  

forhead wrinkles

The forehead wrinkles or forehead lines are horizontal lines that travel across your forehead. These are usually visible when you raise your eyebrows. These lines express feelings of typical human emotions such as surprise, sadness, fear or happiness.

What Causes These Annoying Forehead Wrinkles?

Many of us naturally more expressive and raise our eyebrows intentionally or unintentionally throughout the day. It is easy for your young skin to bounce back when you stop raising your eyebrows. However, as you age, your skin starts to form a permanent line on your forehead.  

Blame Your Frontalis Muscle For Forehead Wrinkles

Your frontalis muscle is responsible for your forehead wrinkles. When you move your eyebrows repeatedly, the frontalis muscle contracts which also pulls your forehead skin up. Thus, you see forehead lines appearing. 

Frontalis Muscle illustration

Take a look at other causes behind your forehead lines: 

Excessive sun exposure

Too much sun and little to no sun protection can seriously affect your skin’s collagen and also cause thinning of your skin. Hence, a good SPF is essential from UV rays protection. 

Repetitive Forehead Facial Expressions

Using too much of your forehead muscle can lead to the deep wrinkle formation on your forehead and can ultimately make it difficult to treat them. 

Staring Into Screens

Workaholic or a Binge watcher, if you have to stare into your screens a lot and for too long, you may want to take some time out to notice forehead wrinkles or fine lines. 

Worrying A Lot

We all face stressful situations every day, but that is no reason to let it become a permanent hall mark especially on our forehead causing unsightly forehead wrinkles. Right? 

Gravity Pulls It Down

Gravity pulls down everything and your skin is no exception. Therefore, if you notice sagging skin you might want to understand Newton’s Law of Gravity. 


Environmental aggressors are your skin’s and health’s enemy. They cause free radicals to form that may affect your skin’s health and vitality. Moreover, dust, smoke fumes and other chemicals can seriously affect the quality of your skin.


According to a new study, you may have inherited your ageing pattern from your parents, and if they have developed early signs of ageing, you will too!  


Water is life, so why are you depriving your skin of its hydration rights? If your skin loses its moisture balance and becomes dehydrated, chances are you will develop forehead lines too.  

Top 9 Forehead Wrinkles Myths and Facts

Did you know that skin wrinkles are often misunderstood and mistreated because of some age-old myths and misconceptions? Well, time to bust them! We have compiled some of the most common wrinkle myths busted by facts. 

Myth 1: Only My Genes Matter When It Comes To Wrinkles

Fact: It is true that your genes play a big role in how your skin behaves. However, your gifted genes cannot protect you from the effects of bad skin habits, poor lifestyle and an invisible skincare regimen. 

Myth 2: It is Alright to Skip Sunscreen on Cloudy Days

Fact: No, it is not okay to skip sunscreen even on cloudy days because, according to Environmental Protection Agency, up to 80% of UV rays can pass through the clouds. This means you can receive a fair amount of damage on cloudy days too! Hence, wear sunscreen, no matter what the weather is like.

sun UV rays    

Myth 3: I Have An Oily Skin, I Can Escape Forehead Wrinkles

Fact: While oily skin type, people may not experience skin conditions similar to those of a dry skin type, wrinkling is still inevitable. Moreover, with age, your skin also slows down its oil production that serves as a skin barrier. Hence, moisturization and anti-ageing skincare are vital.   

Myth 4: Moisturizing Can Prevent Wrinkling And Creasing

Fact: Moisturization is a key step towards healthier and nourished looking skin, however, it may not necessarily prevent wrinkles from forming. Moisturizer works by trapping the water in your skin, keeping it plumped and minimizing the look of creases and lines.

However, it will not prevent ageing signs from surfacing. Our Cosmexperts highly recommend a hyaluronic acid based moisturizer to plump up your forehead wrinkles.

Myth 5: Only One Miracle Ingredient Can Address My Forehead Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Fact: While Vitamin C is hailed for its powerful anti-oxidant properties, however, it may not give that ‘Instant Plump’ to your thirsty skin. Similarly, there is no single magic ingredient that can erase your creases and other signs of ageing. 

Miracle Ingredient for forhead line

Take a look at some of the ingredients that help you fight ageing in their own special ways: 

  • Peptides – Minimize appearance of large pores and stimulate collagen and elastin production. 
  • Vitamin C – Great for brightening, smoothening and preventing negative effects of free radicals. Evens out skin tone and minimizes fine lines and creases. 
  • Hydroxy acids – Buffs away dead skin cells, encourages skin renewal and reveals a smoother softer skin. 
  • Vitamin A – An ideal anti ageing weapon because it is known to benefit skin and cause it to thicken and brighten too. A great option to tackle forehead wrinkles too.
  • Hyaluronic acid – Plumps, and moisturizes the skin at deeper levels.  
  • Omega Fatty Acids – Helps the skin to develop an optimal skin barrier against negative effects of environmental aggressors and keeps the skin supple.

Myth 6: You Can Fix Wrinkles with DYI Masks And Natural Remedies

Fact: The internet is flooded with easy, organic and miracle face masks and packs promising anti ageing benefits. While Honey, Yogurt, Lemon, Oatmeal, Coconuts or Aloe Vera are good for health and may be even great for skin, these do not prevent ageing. Furthermore, such DIY remedies only work superficially but do not work on deeper.

Myth 7: Once you notice improvement, you can stop using anti-ageing products

 Fact: Good things take time and nothing is permanent. (Not even your permanent makeup!) Hence, the only way to keep your wrinkles at bay is to continue skincare and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Myth 8: There is one perfect anti-ageing skincare for every skin type 

Fact: While you should follow some kind of skincare routine to ensure good skin health, it is essential enhance your skincare regimen. As your skin changes with age, hence what works for you right now might not work in the future. Keep adding good stuff for your skin.  

Myth 9: If you do not raise your eyebrows, you will not get forehead wrinkles 

Fact: Facial expressions are completely unavoidable and even if the movements are avoided, your skin will not stop to age or thin out with time. Moreover, sun protection is of utmost importance to ensure better anti-ageing protection.  

8 Easy Tips To Address Forehead Lines

  • Sun Rays Are Not Skin Friendly:

Too much exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun may give you a beautiful tan, but it can also cause severe skin damage and early onset of lines and wrinkles on your face. 

According to studies, using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher regularly slows skin ageing. It also minimises the chances of developing dark spots and wrinkles.

spf 20 for sun protection

  • Start Using An Anti-Ageing Product

If you begin to notice early fine lines and forehead wrinkles, you must add a potent anti ageing cream to your skincare routine. Be sure to look for Vitamin C and E, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that can help you reduce these annoying ageing lines.

  • Quit Smoking And Vaping

In addition to heart disease, lung cancer and other health hazards, smoking can cause premature wrinkling. Nicotine triggers the production of free radicals, which can change the skin’s DNA and slow down the renewal of collagen and elastin. So, it is a good idea to quit it.

  • Use Anti-Wrinkle Super Hero “Retinoids”

Retinoids can help to promote collagen production that wards off thinning of skin and wrinkle formation. Retinol works best at night to reduce your ageing signs, and since your skin heals itself at night, topical application of retinoids can prove to be quite helpful.

stimulate re

  • Avoid Overusing Your Forehead Muscle

It is normal to raise your eyebrows when you are surprised or when you show interest in something. It is just another way to communicate. However, such frequent expressions can lead to more pronounced and deeper forehead wrinkles. Try to break the habit by becoming consciously aware of it.

  • Try Forehead Botox

Botox injections are quite popular for reducing forehead wrinkles, especially when other treatments do not give desirable results. 

Since Botox helps to relax your forehead muscles, it prevents frequent upward movement of eyebrows. This results in improving the look of your forehead wrinkles. 

Visible Forehead Wrinkles Botox Before And After Results

forhead botox before and after

  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Exfoliation is another way to buff away dead skin cells and imperfections that sit on the top layer of your skin. Chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid or lactic acid are the main elements in chemical peels. They are used to shed away dull, ageing skin to reveal younger-looking, healthier skin.

  • Add Vitamin C Serum To Your Skincare Checklist

If you are still not sure what wonders Vitamin C serum can do for your skin other than making you smell like ‘orangey’ then read on.  Vitamin C serums can help prevent premature ageing by shielding your skin from the ageing effects of sun exposure.

Vitamin C also promotes collagen production, which prevents future wrinkles. A small size study showed that topical application of 5% vitamin C solution for six months helped enhance skin thickness.

skin care checklist

Use A Makeup Wand to Blur Those Lines!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

It is our top tip for people of all skin types especially if you have a dry skin! While a good moisturizer may not completely vanish your forehead lines or hide them, it will certainly minimize their appearance. 

Therefore, make sure your makeup routine begins with a good moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and even better if it contains Hyaluronic Acid!  

Make Primer Your Makeup Staple

Many of us either do not know the benefits of a good primer or simply skip this essential step on purpose. Do you know that a good primer can make your forehead lines appear smoother?  

Try to find makeup primers that hydrate and minimize the look of fine lines and large pores. Also, do not forget to use a good sun protection before putting on makeup.  

makeup primer

Eyeliner And Mascara Goes First!

We all make that ‘Shocked Face’ whenever we are using an eyeliner or a mascara. But not many ladies are aware that this facial expression also creates dynamic forehead wrinkles.  

So, if you have already applied your foundation and now you are trying to put on your mascara, you may notice 2 or 3 fine lines across your forehead. These are now static forehead wrinkles! 

A Simple Fix For Your Forehead Wrinkles

Apply your eyeliner and mascara before your foundation to prevent any annoying forehead lines! 

We Hope Your Day Is as Smooth as Your Forehead!   

Did We Help?  

Forehead wrinkles are a part of your natural ageing process and many people do not notice them in the beginning. As you advance in age, these ageing lines become deeper and deeper and become static and noticeable. 

There may be many causes behind your worry lines, however, it is better to take preventive measures early on such as ‘Preventive Botox’ or an anti-ageing cream containing Retinoids. 

Moreover, our experts at Cosmedocs perform a variety of anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Plate-Rich- Plasma Therapy and Peel to Reveal. These treatments are highly effective against premature signs of ageing such as forehead wrinkles, and dull, sagging skin.  

Let us know how you plan to tackle your ageing skin and if you have found our experts’ tips helpful in your fight against wrinkles! 

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