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Recently, the private healthcare search engine named WhatClinic.com has publicized its mid-yearly round of up of the latest ‘medical aesthetics’ trends. Their report show the most demanded and rapidly growing non-surgical aesthetic procedures during the past six months.

Dermal fillers: make the top of the list

According to the report, the dermal fillers treatment is the top demanded treatment that have made to the top of the list with the highest rate of treatment queries as compared to all other cosmetic treatments during 2014 and also during 2015 so far.

Mole removal treatment secured second place while lip enhancement grabbed the third position. During the past six months, mole removal treatment turned out to be the second most enquired and demanded treatment which is followed by non-surgical lip enhancement using fillers. Since Kylie Jenner publically announced that she had undergone the lip augmentation treatment earlier this year, many of the top celebrities have included the treatment in their wish list.

Rising trends of 2015

If we look into the newly emerging trends of non-surgical treatments, then PDO threadlifts, that are considered to be a non-surgical alternative to the traditional surgical facelift, has emerged as the most rapidly growing non-surgical aesthetic treatment during 2015 with enquiries up to 240%. That is indeed a tremendously rising trend.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments taking over surgical cosmetic treatments

Compared to 2013, during 2014 there has been a tremendous rise in the demand of non-surgical treatment in the UK. During that particular period the enquiries for the non-surgical treatments soared up to 1165%.

In past six months, Macrolane injection treatment stood out as the second speedily growing non-surgical treatment that has witnessed a 139% rise in the enquiries. Macrolane injections are used for enhancing the body contours and are most commonly used for the augmentation of buttocks. In contrast to this, the surgical procedures for buttock enhancement have immensely dropped.

All this rise in the non-surgical cosmetic procedures not just owe to the appetite of people in UK for aesthetic treatments but also to the discovery of innovative and exciting non-surgical alternative to the cosmetic surgery which has fuelled their demand.

Weight loss Surgical Procedures gaining Popularity

The year 2014 witnessed the biggest increase in the body aesthetic surgery procedures in about half a decade primarily because almost 45000 patients undergone a significant weight loss. They also opted for the plastic surgery procedures to reshape and contour body afterwards.

According to the report of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the rise in the demand of plastic surgery procedures in America has placed a ripple effect. The treatment procedures related to the massive weight loss such as tummy tuck, arm lifts, breast lifts and thigh lifts grew at the fastest rate in direct correlation with the bariatric surgeries.

The president of ASPS , Dr. Scot Glasberg , who is a private plastic surgeon in New York, said that the patients experiencing massive weight loss, is the top most area of growth for the plastic surgeons that he had seen in his entire practice.

This indicate that along with beautiful facial profiles, people also want to have contoured, smart and slim bodies which adds to their youthful body profile and for this they can even undergo plastic surgeries and the trend is increasing every year.

(Source used: whatclinic.com)

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  1. Great Post about Dermal fillers. Thanks for sharing.

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