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A crashing wave of ‘Tik- Tok’ skincare has infiltrated our minds, bodies as well as our homepage feed!

It seems as if every other influencer is a professional in their own realm, recommending a hefty dose of salicylic acid, eyebrow gel, paired up with a jade roller or a gua sha, stored safely inside a skincare refrigerator.

If you’re anything like me, your cupboard contains an array of

  • Gentle skin cleansers
  • Moisturisers
  • Toners
  • Eyebrow serums
  • [AM] Serums
  • [PM] Serums
  • The key to eternal youth paired up with a weighty violet ‘Nurse Jamie’ roller

Irrespective of my public laments against ‘Tik- Tok,’ and ‘Instagram Beauty,’ they slither into my cupboard like a guilty pleasure…

As much as my assertions extend, there might be truth to the stashed secrets wrapped inside the little boxes of social media applications.

As we move away from the mania of carved eyebrows plastered onto your full coverage face, highlighted to the skies, matted to the point of no oil daring to seep through- we rush into an evolution of a glossy, glowy and avant garde!

There has been a swift movement away from block brows towards more bushy, bold and beautiful brows, which embrace every individuals own eyebrows, rather than striving towards a specific eyebrow look.

Are you confused as to what your natural eyebrows are supposed to look like? Don’t worry! This article is the perfect find. We’ll take you through the trending brows of 2021, and provide an array of techniques and products to aid in achieving them.


Eyebrow Trends


  •  Soap Brows

[image of soap brow]

Fluffy, Feathered and Full! This technique requires a bar of clear soap, a spoolie brush, as well as water. You dampen the brush, and softly smooth it through the bar of soap before running them through your eyebrows. These give you the perfect soap brows.

This method elicits a vogue styled look that you can run to the grocery store in, or attend the Met Ball in.


  • Straight Brows

[image of straight brow kendal jenner]

Straight, Cinched and Scandalous! In order to achieve this mysterious Kendall Jenner- esque look; straight cinched eyebrows, complimented with a brown cat eye and a beige glossy lip.

You need to pluck the tail and elongate the eyebrow, considering the arch placement. Fill in the brow using a product to your liking, and lightly highlight below the arch to place emphasis on the brow bone.

The straight brow kindles a sultry demeanour, which provide an illusion of stretched out, sleek eyes. However, it’s important to measure where to pluck, or turn towards a professional who can aid in achieving this look for you.


  • Powder Brows

[image of powder brow]

A plain powder brow. If you are looking for an everyday eyebrow look, and don’t want to venture too far into the unknown, but seek to try something… different. Powder Brows are for you! In order to achieve them, you require a powder brow set and an angled brush.

Using the brush to lightly fluff in your eyebrows around the sparse areas, giving them a natural, everyday look- making them seem more dense than they are.


  • Laminated Brows

[image of laminated brow]

This procedure lifts your eyebrows through a semi permanent treatment. After this treatment, there is no need to tame your brows, because those unruly, untamed monsters will be neatly swept up in an upward motion, providing a clean and kept image.

Eyebrow Lamination is a semi permanent method to soap brows. We would recommend trying out soap brows, and if they are the fit for you, go ahead and get those brows laminated!


  • Thin Brows

[image of thin brows]

In this new age of expressing your innate features, finding specific trends to fit them, and enhance them. Thin Brows are emerging once again! However, this new era is filled with trends which cater towards everyone [whilst spreading inclusivity], and hone in on enhancing your features.

It doesn’t matter if you are born with full fluffy eyebrows, or a sparse set of eyebrows. If you are confident in what you are presenting, a lot of eyebrow, some eyebrow, or even no eyebrow- anything will do!


  • GeoLift Brows

Eye Brow Shape

The pandemic bred a new look labelled- GeoLift brows! Prior to the pandemic, the unruly boy brow dominated the ‘Instagram Trends’. The views have shifted to a neater boy brow- GeoLift Brow!

Donned by the likes of Lily Collins and Zendaya, this look elicits a natural brow; but a naturally well kept brow. In order to achieve this, there is a slight cleanup under the brows, but leaving them to grow out from the top.


  • Brow Lift

[image of brow lift]

There are non- invasive methods to achieving cinched back Bella Hadid Brows. A Botox Brow Lift ensures that these injections are inserted between your brows, and against your forehead muscle, in order to elevate them.

If your eyebrows are looking fantastic, but you cannot seem to create that cat eye effect, this might just be the perfect fit for you…


  • MicroBlading Brows

[image of microblading brows]

If you are struggling with sparse eyebrows that don’t fit your face, don’t worry! Maintaining and enhancing your natural features is a great opportunity, but if you want to change an aspect to make you feel comfortable, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

MicroBlading entails of using a sharp tool to deposit ink inside your eyebrows, using small stroke- like motions in order to induce hair like affect. You can wake up with a full set of eyebrows designed to your liking.


Eyebrow Products


There are a plethora of eyebrows products which will help you achieve exactly what you want. After all your eyebrows sculpt your face. Hence, there should be an ample amount of emphasis placed on them.

  • Glossier – Boy Brow

[Image- Glossier – Boy Brow]

This product comes from a line of enhancing your natural beauty, and jutting those unruly brows outwards. This product ensures that your eyebrows don’t go astray, before adding flavour and fluff.

  • Mecca Max – Brow Guru Super Soap

[Image- Mecca Max – Brow Guru Super Soap]

In order to achieve those luscious looking soap brows, this is the product. Trust me, when I say these hold your eyebrows in place, and lift them upward! It does help that the packaging looks adorable on my counter top…

  • Benefit – Goof Proof Brow Pencil

[Image- Benefit – Goof Proof Brow Pencil]

I have memorised this name by heart due to my frequent purchases. I’ve been using Number 5, since I was a sophomore in High School. Two in One (Spoolie and Pencil), this product is handy, compact and pigmented!

  • Maybelline London – Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint

[Image- Benefit Maybelline London – Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint]

This product lasts for days, despite this brand being known for it’s mascaras, the brow products don’t lack! Careful to layer the product on slowly, less is more!

[Image- Benefit – Milk Makeup – Kush Fiber Brow Gel]

I’ve always been an advocate for Milk Makeup, ergo this might come off biased. However, this eyebrow gel adds that pigment (respective to undertones), and stays fresh and fine throughout the day!


Eyebrow Maintenance


This year your Instagram feed will be filled with fresh look faces, perfectly pink blushes, and a much softer take on the strong highlight and contour of 2018.

And what better way to frame this beautiful dewy, gorgeous complexion, than this seasons must have bold boy brows.

These bold beauties will actually make you look younger! (Bonus)

Big on the catwalk models and on Instagram, you can not escape these pieces of expertly sculpted, thick sumptuous face furniture -and you would be out of your mind to even try.

There is method to my bold brow conversion madness- are you ready for the science?

As we age,

  • Our reduction in collagen,
  • Increase in Eye Bags
  • Depletion of Hormones
  • Hair Thinning

Our brows tend to become more sparse, the hairs themselves become thinner, offering our faces less definition and balance. So ladies, embrace the bold brow. Enhance those ‘sprouts’ and look years younger.

Wait, what? Sprouts?!……

A key part of this years brow are the ‘sprouts’ no not that seasonal (only acceptable at Christmas) vegetable, the little tufts of hair that sprout out almost uncontrollably at the beginning of the brow – these are the key to being browtastic this season.

Now if you were lucky enough to have survived the great browpocolipse of the 90s then these little tufts of youth giving hair may be but a distant memory but fear not – all is not lost.

Lucky for you brows in 2021 follow a general rule – the sleeker the better (thanks Bella) – so get slapping on that growth serum ladies but be warned growing your brows back is NOT for the faint hearted.

After a few short weeks you will resemble that loveable rouge and bold brow icon, grouch from Sesame Street, your unruly, unsightly brows will leave you having to have someone forcibly remove the tweezers from your hands.

And it will mean searching out the best eyebrow tech you can find to tame those beasts once they have emerged in all of their glory.

This is where my love for social media comes in.

  • Stalk profiles
  • Read reviews
  • Ask questions

Find the one that achieves the kind of brow looks YOU want, but choose someone that tailors their skills to the individual, one brow does not suit all.

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