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Are you a victim of hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is an unusual darkening of an area or areas of the skin caused by excessive melanin production. Melasma, age spots, acne scars or other dark scars and blemishes are common types of hyperpigmentation.

The characteristic dark patches can appear on the legs, hands or any other part of the body but are most common on the face. The goal of this guide is to give you the simple information about the causes of hyperpigmentation and share highly effective approaches that can help you to reduce the problem of hyperpigmentation.

How can you navigate the guide?

Necessary Basic reading

The first step that you can take towards treating hyperpigmentation is to understand ‘what is skin pigmentation’ and ‘melanin production and distribution’. In these topics, you will read about the types of hyperpigmentation which include epidermal hyperpigmentation, dermal hyperpigmentation and mixed hyperpigmentation.

If you are highly concerned about your issue of hyperpigmentation then you need to know more about the common causes of hyperpigmentation/Melasma to prevent your skin from getting pigmented further.

These parts provide a detailed overview of the reasons that lead to skin discolouration. Overall darkening of the skin may be due to pigmented chemicals in the skin. Silver, gold, and iron each have a characteristic colour when visible in the skin. Several drugs and body chemicals, like bilirubin, can end up as deposits in the skin and discolour it.

Treating hyperpigmentation

If you have reached to this part, it means that you have learned about the skin discolouration reasons. Although sometimes the condition has been known to go away on its own, there are other treatments that you can use to lighten the skin and reverse the effects of hyperpigmentation.

In order to take good care of your skin and stop further hyperpigmentation, reading ‘How to treat hyperpigmentation’will certainly prove beneficial.

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