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Non Surgical Face Lift: Botox, Dermal Fillers & Thread Face Lift

Non surgical face lift is performed a combination of treatments.  Botox relaxes neck and jawline muscles that contract to pull the face skin down.  Dermal fillers replace lost volume around the jawline which causes sagging.  Thread face lift will help uplift the skin reducing jowls.  Our doctors recommend the options depending on age and indications.

Facelift Treatment Areas


A surgical face lift involves lifting the skin as well as adding volume with dermal fillers or fat transplant.  It make sense that the non surgical face lift also follows a similar path; as the face first sinks (looses volume) then sags. Hence, early sinking prevented with dermal fillers in the outer face delays sagging.  Already sagged skin responds better to dermal filler combined with thread face lift.



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Nefertiti Botox Face Lift

Botox relaxes the muscles in the jawline (platysma) that pull down on the skin and the lip corners.  Botox brow lift give the appearance of a lifted upper face.  The name refers to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, known for her elongated, thin neck. The Nefertiti lift targets the platysma band of muscles running vertically from the jawline to your collarbone.  Click for more information on Nefertiti Botox Lift.



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8 Point Face Lift

This treatment is also referred to as ‘liquid facelift treatment’. Dermal fillers provide volume to the face and to strategically create lifting impact for a completely rejuvenated appearance. The targeted areas through 8 Point Face Lift are the middle face, facial contours and lower face.

It is possible to create youthful and natural facial profile with 8 Point facelift treatment as it restores the lost facial volume and facial contours along the 8 significant points. It gives visible volume to the following facial areas to create a more youthful and refreshing look.

  • Under eye | tear trough filler
  • Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines)
  • Cheek Bone Enhancement
  • Cheek Enhancement
  • Lower Cheek
  • Corners of Mouth (not for lip enhancement)
  • Pre-jowl (frontal jaw)
  • Jawline Filler

The 8 Point facelift is ideal for the patients who are in their late 30s and early 40s who have decreased facial volume and mild jowl formation.

This non surgical face lift is natural-looking focusing on overall rejuvenation of the whole face. At Cosmedocs we combine this procedure with nefertiti botox face lift to improve the results further.

8 Point Face Lift Price

The price depends on the amount of volume required and type of dermal filler.  This is dependent on age and facial anatomy.

2 dermal filler syringes = £650 – £700

3 dermal filler syringes = £900 – £950



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In case of heavy jowls PDO thread face lift treatment is recommended also.

Thread Face Lift

PDO thread face lift is a novel procedure to lift the face as well stimulate natural collagen.  The threads are inserted under the skin using a needle (no incisions) to elevate the sagging tissue. PDO is known as polydioxanone.  This material has applications in various surgical procedures such as cardiac and general surgery. It is safe and well studied.

Thread face lift treatment  treats the following skin concerns:

Hollow cheeks – loss of volume in the cheeks leading to hollow or sunken appearance.
Sagging cheeks – the mild to moderate sagging of cheeks from collagen loss can be rectified by thread face lift treatment.

Jowls – lift jowls to improve jawline definition.  There are two types of threads; small and large ones.  See webpage for more information on the two types for thread face lift with before and after pictures – click here


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