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Are your eyes bringing your whole look down? Tired of hiding unwanted dark circles? Have you started noticing hollowness or wrinkles around your eyes as you age? Tried everything and nothing seems to work? Well, think again. Tear Trough Filler is just what you need to caste away your old, worn out look. Throw away those cucumber slices and check out Tear Trough Filler before and after photos from CosmeDocs!

What Are Tear Troughs Anyway?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you notice any mild to deep grooves running from the side of your nose, just below the eyes but above the upper cheekbones? They may become deeper, casting a shadow and hence, giving a look of dark circles. 

You do? Well, there you have it. Visually unappealing tear troughs that become deeper and darker with age and persistently poor lifestyle. Nevertheless, Cosmexperts have a way out! Take a look at our stunning tear trough before and after gallery below!


Tear Troughs Vs. Dark Circles Vs. Eye Bags

Before diving right into the treatment, it is very important to know what condition are you dealing with and what has really caused it happen in the first place? Here is the break down for you all:

Tear Troughs

This is in fact a deep groove or crease that is present between your lower eyelid and upper cheek. Depending how deep it actually is, it can cast a shadow just below your eyes, giving a tired, aged and sad look. Tear troughs also runs in the families and also result from volume loss underneath your eye area.


Dark Circles Under Eyes

One of the most common and undesirable conditions are dark circles. They look visibly different from rest of the facial skin due to discoloration.



Thankfully, they are not always a sign of medical concern and can result from:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Genetically passed on in your family
  • Ageing
  • Too much stress on your eyes
  • Anemia
  • Too much exposure to sun rays
  • Under eye soft tissue volume loss


Bags Under Eyes

No you do not have ‘literally bags’ under your eyes but small bulges or pouches lying underneath your eyes. They too are passed on from generation to generation and have other reasons too such as:Eye-Bag-Fillers

  • Consuming too much salt
  • Underlying medical problems such as improper functioning of thyroid gland
  • Forces of ageing

Nevertheless, according to Dr. Shaun Desai, M.D. who is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon tells Johns Hopkins Medicine, that most common reason behind eye bags is the natural ageing process.

The skin under the eyes becomes thinner, becomes loose and surrounding muscles and tissues tend to become weaker too. Hence, giving a ‘baggy’ look to your eyes.

Tear Trough Filler — Total Eye Rejuvenation

A Tear Trough Filler is in fact an answer to all the prayers of those of you who have been dealing with under eye imperfections. It is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that is injected into the skin below the eyes to gently lift the tear trough area.

This non-surgical eye enhancement treatment not only efficiently plumps up the deep depressions in the lower eyelid area, but also brightens up the dark shadows that result from those dips and grooves.

So, you leave the clinic, looking rested and rejuvenated without any downtime. Take a look at our tear trough before and after photos to see if this cosmetic enhancement is worth the splurge for you!

Eye-Opening Tear Trough Filler Before And After

Here are some of the happy clients of CosmeDocs who chose to look and feel their best with tear trough fillertweakment’. They all looked much more refreshed and confident afterwards.                                                       


How Long Do Tear Trough Fillers Last?

Well, unlike those dandy eye creams that promise to work wonders in 4 weeks but vanish right before getting the job done, under eye fillers last much longer. However, they too do not give permanent results and you might need to reschedule your appointment to keep looking refreshed and youthful.

The longevity of the tear trough fillers is usually somewhere between 12 to 24 months and in some cases even longer depending on a number of factors such as:

  • The type of dermal filler used for the treatment
  • Actual amount of filler used for the treatment
  • Your age also plays an important role 
  • Lifestyle and hydration levels of your body
  • Your body’s ability to break down the fillers
  • Degree of sun exposure 

Hence, it is important to monitor any changes to your face and facial skin and adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep you in good shape. Moreover, add an eyecare routine to your skincare routine…your eyes will thank you later…we promise!

Celebrities Tear Trough Filler Before And After

We do not blame them. Showbiz industry is ruthless and looks do matter…a lot! Your favourite celebrities, too, have had tear trough fillers to look their best in front of the cameras. Here are a few of the A-list celebs who look absolutely stunning after their tear trough fillers treatment.


Katy Perry



Kim Kardashian

Why Choose Tear Trough Fillers?

Not one, two or three but multiple benefits of under eye fillers exist. Hence, making this non-invasive treatment a popular one among patients of all ages and walks of life. We are listing down a few reasons as to why tear trough filler is a game-changer for you.

  • Total Eye Rejuvenation, Totally Natural!

By filling in the sunken under eye area and plumping up the crepey skin around the eyes, clients at CosmeDocs look almost instantly transformed! What’s more? The results of the procedure are remarkably natural provided that you choose an experienced injector for under eye fillers.

So, no need to tell your friends you had any work donethat remains a secret between the Cosmexperts and you!

Our tear trough under eye filler before and after transformations all look very natural and subtle without any invasive approach.

  • No More ‘Hollowed Out’ Look

They say that the ‘ageing clock never stops’ and they are right! Ageing does take its toll on everyone and your face, especially your eyes, mirror it right away. How?

With time, the under eye skin and fat pads tend to change, resulting in a sunken or hollowed out look. Tear trough filler restores volume in that area and in no time, you can embrace ‘your face but better look’.

  • Brightens Up Gloomy Under Eye Shadows

Cucumbers are good for your skin and eyes but do they really get rid of those crazy dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes? Not really. Dark circles always make one look sad, weary and sleepy. In a word, unattractive. 

On the other hand, fillers for dark circles and deep tear troughs can lighten and brighten any face in minutes. Check out the tear trough filler before and after photos of one of our clients at number 4!

  • Plumps Up Ageing Eye Wrinkles

Cosmexperts at CosmeDocs use soft tissue fillers that instantly fill in fine to deep wrinkles under your eyes. Wrinkles are one of the first and major signs of ageing and the wafer-thin skin under your eyes is quite quick to show them. 

Thankfully, under eye wrinkles filler successfully diminishes the look of them, which also lasts pretty long. So, next time you are left with some extra soft filler, ask your doctor to fill it in your creases under and around the eyes.

  • Express Procedure, Instant Gratification

Can you imagine being able to get rid of those tired eyes and sad ageing look in under 30 minutes? No, we are not talking about those handy smartphone apps that can zap away your imperfections. It is the tear trough treatment that rejuvenates instantly with immediate and visible results. No need to delete that PERFECT selfie app though…

  • Makes Fancy Eye Creams, Unnecessary

So here is to burst your bubble. There is no such thing as the best eye cream for dark circles, volume loss, deep wrinkles and eye bags. A good eye cream can only hydrate the skin but nothing more than that.

According to BYRDIE, Dr. Marisa Garshick M.D who is a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City says:

“An eye cream might not be the best choice if you are losing volume as a result of ageing. It is important to have real expectations from the product. Moreover, depending on your condition, microneedling, PRP, laser, filler, radiofrequency device, or other treatments may be necessary.”

Hence, under eye filler takes the lead!

  • No Need To Slather On Concealers And Correctors

Tired of putting on under eye concealers and colour correctors to hide away under eye dark shadows. We know you groan and sigh every morning when you look at your mirror. Thank god that’s over now. 

From Tired To Terrific — Only At CosmeDocs

Your eyes have the power to communicate with others even if you choose not to speak. Whether it is a night of booze, poor diet and sleeping habits, or the forces of ageing, your eyes are first to show the aftermath. Moreover, genetic factors can be blamed for sunken eyes and shadowy hollows as well.

Experts at CosmeDocs with their master injection skills, utmost precision, caution and an aesthetic eye can ‘tweak and transform’ your tired looking profile to a terrific one.

The clinic has a club of thousands of happy clients and our tear trough filler before and after photos are testimony to that. 

Get in touch with us today and let us light up those gloomy grooves under your eyes that are bringing down your whole personality. Book your under eye filler appointment today!

“You are full of energy. Don’t let your eyes tell otherwise!”

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