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beach babe hair

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We all know that beach babe hair that looks effortless (#wokeuplikethis) as though it took 3 seconds but actually took 2 hours hair do right?

Well if not, familiarise yourself with it, NOW.  This oxymoron of the hair world, this imperfect perfection is the one hairstyle you NEED in your life this summer. And here is my no frills guide.

Photo courtesy of Lucy from The lounge.

short hair cut

  1. The Magic Wand

I prefer a big barrel curling tong as I find these easier to use and less risk of burning my fingers, but a wand works. You can also use your straighteners, but i find that more time consuming as I lack the touch of a professional hairdresser. Working in section about an inch wide wrap your hair loosely around the barrel and hold release and. Bounce. Don’t cuIl too high up towards the head (we’re not going for 80s perms here) and remember to alternate direction. Allow to cool before tousling out.

  1. Pump Up the Volume

Messy, unkempt, lived-in hair is all about volume, so pump up the volume with a few sprays of dry shampoo. Spray in towards your roots and use your fingers to distribute throughout. This will give to that messy big hair that is essential for summer life.

  1. Texture

Want people to question your beachbabe status? Maybe she did just wake up

Like that? Just Add texture!

Sea salt spray lifts, defines and adds weightless texture to your hair, making your hair look like you just spent hours lounging on the beach. Team with a flawless tan (try fake bake to maximise your faux beach babe look) and glossy lips et voila

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